Aura Master Life based spellcaster with FP [Tank][Nemesis]


Alright, this is a build made for nemesis so i wanted as much tanky as possible, with huge life and efficiently use defesive auras.

This is my build at the moment

This is the build i planned

As you can see, my main focus was getting many life nodes, then Iron Reflexes, life/mana %, mana regen rate, Eldritch Battery, Mind Over Matter and finally the aura nodes.

I'm using Grace so with IR, i get a nice amount of armour just from the aura. Also using discipline so my mana pool gets huge, which is needed since i'm using Mind Over Matter and Arctic Armour to mitigate even more the damage incoming. Also using Clarity to increase even more the mana regen rate.

Gear i'm using


FP>GMP>Faster Proj.>Added Lightning Damage

Discipline>Grace>Reduced Mana
Clarity>Reduced Mana>Blood Magic (Will remove BM when i get like 500 more mana or when i get some more mana reservation nodes)

My gear is not good right now but i can deal with it for now. Note that this build is still experimental so advice is welcome :)
Sitting on 4.5k life(500 reserved) and 2k mana(1.8k reserved). I feel very tanky for a level 65, even tho my dps is kinda bad(386 FP).
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I'm making a character similar to this except Templar with high block % so here are my questions/ideas:

Have you thought about something like Power Siphon + LMP/GMP + Faster Attacks? This way you pick up Conduit and you're even more support. Also Enduring Cry for End Charges.

What made you choose defensive auras over offensive auras? Why not Hatred/Wrath/Anger/Haste instead of Purity/Grace/Disc?

Any uniques in mind? Alpha's Howl, Prism Guardian?

This is the build I'm shooting for:

I'm only level 42 on that character leveling with FP + LMP + Faster Proj but eventually I'll switch to PS + LMP + FA. The biggest problem so far is lack of health nodes but I'm planning on getting carried by groups soon anyway so hopefully it doesn't matter :D

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