Cold Witch Build by Dirtydonut


first said this build is written by a german guy^^
second said it relies on my opinion and expirience on the game.
third said i love good and explained feedback or thoughts on improving the build.

I made an awesome Build for a witch that likes to play with Cold spells!

Ive made this build for lvl 1-75, this build doesnt include points spend with lvl 75+

The Skill Progression of the Tree lies with Priority on finishing Witch then go to templar and then to shadow i might explain this a bit further after i got your opinion on the build.

Main Focus lies on a good offense and good Defense! Playing on hardcore and specially in early game you will have hard times surviving with a witch, i would recommend you a tank until you got a stable amount of ES and gear.

Also bare in mind that you can/should take a few "max increase HP %" licenses until you go CI, you can always respec like 12-20 points later on that you get from ur quest (respec points)

offensive Stats from Tree:

37 % increased spell damage
56 % increased elemental damage
74 % increased cold damage

320 % increased Critical Strike Chance
90 % increased Critical Strike Multiplier

defensive Stats from Tree:

165 % increased maximum Energy Shield (+64 % if you count the 320 INT in = 229 % Max ES)
45 % increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate

30 % All Elemental Resistances
15 % Cold Resistance

Misc. Stats from Tree:

36 % increased Maximum Mana
100 % increased Mana Regeneration
6 % increased Cast Speed

30 % increased Effect of Buffs on You
5 % Chance to Freeze Enemies on Hit with Cold Damage

+1 Maximum Power Charges
Ghost Reaver: Life Leech restores Energy Shield instead of Life
Chaos Inoculation: Maximum HP becomes 1 - Immune to Chaos Damage

Alright thats pretty much all important stats my build gives, so here some explainations;

I go more on Crit Chance then on Crit Multiplier because early on if you are new in ruthless/merciless you dont have good equip, thats just how it is you have to farm some or buy it or be lucky^^
and if you have like 250% crit multiplier there, and attack a bunch of mobs swimming in their elemental reflect aura, and you click ur spell like 2-3 times - then ur dead.

Thats why i didnt went all out for crit Multiplier early on, but its what to do next from 75+ above.

Also DONT RUSH CI^^ Only go there when ure finished skilling all thoose Max. ES licenses in the tree and have a good ES Gear. Might be around 50 somewhere i guess.

Skills to use:

Thats the part of witch that i dont know too much about, like the best combos for certains skills and which skills or support gem are the best to use for a witch.

I probably go for Ice Spear with multiple Projectiles, because its really good.
But for Bosses probably freezing Pulse with crit Multiplier and multiple Projectiles.

I dont know if chain stacks with either of both spells. Also i would think of using Life Leech support gem to leech up my energy shield when i have skilled CI and Ghost Reaver.

Auras to use:

Disciple: Gives you Max. Energy Shield, must have. (+229% Max. ES, +30% Buff increase)
Clarity: Gives you extra Mana Regeneration, awesome^ (+100% Mana Reg, +30% Buff increase)

Grace/Purity: Might aswell be usefull, if you dont like to have so much mana reserved, only activate them at Boss Fights. But its no must have.

For Equipment, go for Items that have a lot of Energy Shield and Elemental Resistances on it.
An Amulett with Mana Regen, and a nice Wand with good spell Damage, Elemental/Cold Damage, and Cast Speed/Attack Speed. Early on also Max HP is very good stat.

Using 2 Wands or 1 Wand and a Shield is up to you. But i think 2 Wands deal more Damage. but early on a Shield is better for Defense.

Thats about all from me i might add more details in the near future, hope you liked it and got some advice. If you have any ideas of making my build better or which skills and gems to use pls tell me. Thx

Nice write up. A spell totem with Ice Spear and greater multiple projectiles would work well with your setup. For single target, use an additional Ice Spear. And for your right mouse button, I use Freezing Pulse with lesser multiple projectiles.

nice idea with the totem, thanks i will try it out asap
realy nice explanation to your build I just started to lvl up my frost witch and appreciate your informations I will see how your build works 4 me and maybe adjust it a bit to my gameing syle
I´l tell u how it works

btw. Ich liebe die abkürzung asap warum gibt es nichts vergleichbares in deutsch;)
Hey there,

I run a pretty similar build to this in addition to the mentioned gmp + icespear + totem + faster cast, creates enough room with freezes while you're in maps to just position and unleash the fury of 9000 winters. In addition I run with LMP + 20% freeze pulse + mana leech and some faster cast which can be replaced with crit chance or crit dmg increase depending on what you feel you might need. Auras are standard along with frost bite. I run spectres aswell as zombies just to have someone soak some dmg for me while I do my thing, just an extra minion life cus I had the space. Currently at lvl 73 soloing maps at a decent rate trying to just gear up abit for future additions.

Btw for my setup to happen gemwise I picked up a few big nodes along the way, all depending on how far you wana lvl gems and which ones ure gona go for.

Anyway good thread, good luck future frost witchz.
Nice post and explanation of your build.

What I like most is that I now understand that I am (was) not alone to have difficulties to survive. My witch is level 47 and I have'nt take the CI yet. I have not taken any HP nodes and have crappy gear so you can just imagine....

Now I know what to aim for.

One question: Deas life leech gem work wel with ghost reaver for a witch in endgame?
(Or is to mana expensive, or do you also need specific gear with life leech)?
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