Pre-Season, Event 5: 1 Hour Endless Ledge (PS5)

This is a pre-season race event, no prizes or points will be awarded.
Site says it starts in 4 minutes. But ingame it says it starts in 1 hour. Which is true?
how do i register?
in 25 min you'll be able to register, click the join button on the race event ( under the character selection screen)
420th! I rock at this game... haha.

These races are so much fun! I'm just happy to survive them!
The race ended with a righteous fire mob next to me and it killed me. Fuck my life.
Last edited by bwast on Nov 9, 2013 9:05:23 AM
40th. Can Top 10 post build/items pls?

346th and finished with this. Ehh
Stay awhile and listen

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