Orchard map boss

I think that boss beetle portaled in the wrong map... level 78 map boss job openings over there ----->

I was going to kill it, but I thought, it wasn't worth the risk considering how hard it hits.
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Oh yeah he 1 shots me with you know a billion life with legacy kaoms 75 75 75 with near best items in the game

Fuck that worm thing.
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git gud
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not to forget that even if you use the being close strategy to avoid the far shot... desync enters the game to misguide you on your position
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Either his farshot is really broken, his fireball isn't pure fire (chaos also?), or his fireball does about 7k damage before crits/boss mods.

With 1450 life, 80% fire resist, and level 18 arctic armor boosted by 21% personal buff, I've finally gotten to the point it usually doesn't 1 shot me...his, what I assume are chaos based attacks, make it hard to stay at topped off health, though. I have level 18 enfeeble on damage taken so the fight becomes manageable if he doesn't start off with the fireball.

The only thing that makes sense is that his fireball is half chaos.
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