What makes i good physical wand?(answered).

What would be the perfect physical wand roll?

I rolled these thinking they might be ok but i have know idea really(never built a non spell wander).

could either of the above exalt an improvement to make them good?
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attack speed & crit chance (local) is missing

making a good wand is the MOST expensive task in this game and with all my playtime and loot collected this is the best one i have:

it can be upgraded but no way ill ever use exalt on my gear

dont attempt at crafting without several ex of currency and even then it is better to simply buy it

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there are probably less wands of this calibre than 100% 6L perfect shavs

tried to buy something similar but prices i saw.. needless to say, my power-siphoner is at lvl 65 and will advance only if i find her a good wand
You can somewhat compensate for a bad physical roll via phys mods on rings, amulet, and gloves. You can't fix a bad crit or attack speed roll. Those two are, imo, the most important mods for a good wand. 10% base crit and 1.5+ aps can make a great ele hit wander build. Power siphon is a bit tighter because it'll need the crit and aps as well as a phys roll.
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great info thanks guys ill keep crafting with what you said in mind cheers
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