Scion Build

Hey All,

This is my first effort at a Scion build.

So far it has developed fairly organically from the skill gems and items I`ve picked up. Got Shiversting the unique bastard sword pretty early: Eventually the weapon will change but I think I`m sticking with two handed.


Spectral Throw - great for clearing mobs really quickly

Lesser Multiple Projectiles

Double Strike - Main (left mouse) attack for one on one

Extra Fire Damage

Cleave - For when mob is too close for spectral throw

Flicker Strike - Utility Skill, jump to enemy totems/up and down ledges/to ranged attackers, good DPS too

Clarity - Uses most of my mana but recharge of over 25 mana/sec is more than enough to spam all skills

Enduring Cry

Ice Nova - Alternative to Cleave, good when your in a pinch

Bear Trap - Rarely used but can be useful against powerful bosses to get some distance, combined with spectral throw it can be very effective.

Passive Skill Tree:

Planning to go for either Resolute Technique or to grab crit chance/ multiplier in Ranger tree

Also planning to move towards Iron Grip Picking up Two handed Damage and Armour/Armour + Evasion nodes through Duelist Tree. Once I finalize weapon choice then also grab the appropriate nodes in duelist area.

It has been working well (Domination League) but I think it could work in HC too with an emphasis on life nodes.

Let me know what you think + any suggestions to improve

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