One week of release and 1.0.1 Support Gem teaser

Hi there.
Everything is just absolutely awesome, except one thing.

I still cant purchase point packs via steam wallet. It is in russian rubles, Mike from steam support answered me via e-mail and wrote its fixed.
but its still no working for me.
I dare u, I double dare u, try to fix it :(
Wisdom wrote:
Chris wrote:
We were blown away by the response to the game
That review is a joke. Not surprising considering its on forbes. The guy didn't even get close to endgame.
Definitely. Reviewers should have to dump a minimum of 100 hours into a game before they deliver a verdict :^)

Because they have 100 hours to play a single game for a review.
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Congrats on the glowing Forbes review!
That Support Gem looks awesome~

Keep the good work Chris!
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Wow, what a great, balanced review, and from Forbes, no less! The reviewer got the details right, included playtest class and level info, and mentioned some of the issues (including desync and online-only) which affect the game. Too bad some of "pro" sites don't do as well. =^[.]^=
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So around 30k steam players and 35k non steam players, interesting to know.
„I don't give a fuck if it was his tenth anniversary with his goddamn neckbeard...“
„If they think I'm going to let them sweep this pizza guy thing under the rug...“
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Completed 3 Challengest_golgari wrote:
1.: That guy probably played for 20 hours. Even without endgame, that is enough to know a lot about game mechanics and the overall quality. Maybe he watched Kripps stream.

2.: I am totally aware of the listed negatives. And I would still not dock more that 0.5 either, because the negatives are totally outweighed by the many, many advantages the game has.

3.: The people reading this do not know these facts. They are reading it in a magazine that has a totally different readership than the average website PoE advertising usually runs on. And they are reading a very positive review.

4.: It probably cost zero money.

So, in all: Nothing to bitch about.
1. The guy did not remotely fully experience the game. There is a significant difference in what you experience after your mid 50s. He conveniently stopped at just the right time. This was the biggest complaint about all the bullshit D3 reviews.

2. Really no way around it. Only a fanboy would think negatives that serious are only worth .5.

3. You're basically saying that the readers of that site are ignorant, as if that excuses how ignorant the review is. Forbes is misleading its readers. Who cares right?

4. Not sure what this means. Are you suggesting that D3 reviews were all payed for? Is it not possible the PoE review was simply done poorly just like the D3 ones?

Nothing to bitch about, unless you have any kind of standards for how reviews are done or how gamers are treated.
Raycheetah wrote:
Wow, what a great, balanced review,
How can the review be "balanced" if he didn't even get past 54?
Too bad some of "pro" sites don't do as well.
So the known pro sites that aren't giving the game scores as high are doing it wrong, and Forbes of all sites got it right because it ignorantly slapped down a 9.5. Now thats mind blowing.

I don't understand how any self respecting game developer could look at such an ignorant review and be proud of it.
Nice! I don't suppose the Enhance gem is the Damage over time fix that we were waiting for? Curious as to what it could be :)
Completed 5 ChallengesKaysee wrote:
Yep, a few misguided posts above.

Empower already adds + Levels to all linked gems both Active Skills and Support Skills. Empower also has exactly the same tooltip as Enhance:


My guess is that "Enhance" will increase the effects of linked gems by a certain %.

Empower only adds +levels to active skills?
I don't really enjoy the length of leveling these gems (empower, now enhance). All the other supports give immediate bonuses to your skill, but you have to hold onto this one forever before you even get to start to use it. If I want to link a gem, I don't want to have to spend a huge amount of time just leveling it before I even get any benefit from it.
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