One week of release and 1.0.1 Support Gem teaser

Path of Exile has now been released for a week. We were blown away by the response to the game and the positive feedback from our community. A lot of our effort this week has gone into keeping the servers performing well, as there are are an average of over 280,000 daily users (with peak concurrency of 66k online at once during the weekend and around 55k at peak each weekday). We're bracing ourselves for a very busy weekend!

Here's a teaser screenshot for the 1.0.1 Support Gem Enhance. Players who are familiar with Empower should understand roughly how it works :)

Several members of our team have been working on a selection of Unique items that are available for you to choose from at the start of the new Race Season Five non-signature race event currently codenamed "Descent 2". To learn more about how the previous Descent events worked, read this!
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"Danger is like jello, there's always room for more."
another empower? seriously?
Welcome to Wraeclast... Well what are you waiting for?

flame totem - knockback + max dodge chance = NANANANANANANA CANT TOUCH THIS
All the things I want to remember are in the places I'd like to forget.
awesome! looking forward to it! :D
So this one looks like it work with support gems. cant think of any that will work well with this.
Completed 20 Challengesmgriff wrote:
So this one looks like it work with support gems. cant think of any that will work well with this.

The text on it still references an active support gem - either giant text error that needs to be fixed, or thats not what it does?

Also, seriously, what support gems would you want to +1? it doesnt seem to make sense.
why doesn't Enhance zoom in and add more jaypeg?
I like where this enhance gem is going. Although it does mean GCPs will be even less valuable.
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