My 2h Marauder Glacial Hammer build , Advice ?

Hello :)

this is my GH build i hope to give me advice about this build ...
about it good for end game EX: map ...etc

my idea when i was making this tree was , Unstoppable Force Of Power
i might get Blood magic gem for GH only as at one point it will might be my main attack
2nd attack still thinking about it

Passive Tree:
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That is pretty terrible :P


I'm not sure what you were trying to achieve there. You're going to need a lot more HP and armour. Stat nodes on their own aren't that useful.

You're gonna struggle as a single-target two-handed build without something to take the heat off you. It's probably a good idea to go for the extra totem nodes just above resolute technique.
oki if its that bad idea , could you or some one plz help me in good one late game , and what i am tryed to achieve is making Glacial Hammer is my main Focus attack with getting tho keystone

1-Resolute Technique
2-unwavering stance
3-and Ice Bite for Glacial Hammer as it will be my main attack

about blood magic keystone i think its bad choice but not 100% sure about it

Thats the Passive tree i have right now hope you can help me with it and if your build will make me reroll i got no problem at all i am still low lvl 20

Passive Tree i have right now

The Main attack , Gem and Aura i am thinking to use

Glacial Hammer + Weapon Elemental Dmg + Faster attack + (blood magic as i wasn't thinking to take it in keyword)

2ndry skill i think Infernal Blow or Ground Slam depend if need AOE or there is summoner

Aura : i didn't think i can use many so Haste amd Hatred + ofc Reduce Mana

Curse : Elemental Weakness for more dmg or maybe Enfeeble

Totem : was already using Shockwave Totem for the Knock back ,
and now with extra totem i am thinking about Rejuvenation Totem

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It looks like an alright build. I would try to get the 10+10+30 elemental damage nodes close to the Templar start and the lifenodes left of them. :) Ele damage applies to the ice damage from glacial hammer.
You're underestimating the usefulness of the Blood Magic keystone. If you're stacking life, which you should be with this kind of build, it's a no-brainer. Without it you run the chance of constantly struggling for mana. Heaps of life + regen + life steal with Blood Magic is a breeze for a tanking Marauder, especially with Resolute Technique, since your attacks always land, meaning no wastage and guaranteed return from life steal. Completely takes the issue of mana off the table, you don't have to spec for it with gear, don't have to worry about skill costs at all. The only down side is not being able to use percentage cost based auras, but you can use flat rate auras for next to nothing.
Please, tell me more
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1-Passive Tree

on the 1st passive tree i focused on getting more dmg and Ice bite along with abit Armor and resis and some HP

2-Passive Tree

in this Passive tree i drop some dmg for more survivability
this isn't blood magic build but i think i can drop (Savant +30 int) and get Blood magic mostly i like this build coz i can go around it

3-Passive Tree

Different build from Passive tree#2 but almost the same in somethings

FYI: i think i like Passive tree # 2 more then the other two
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