Need help? Please read this. [Rules for Technical & Account Support section]


Before you reply to a thread or make a new thread, please read the following:

- Bumping threads -

If you're experiencing a problem, please don't bump similar threads saying you have the same problem.
Instead, provide us with the required information in a new thread and we'll be able to help you more concisely.

- Disconnection issues / latency / "lag" / de-sync problems -

Please include a trace route to the server you're playing on; a guide for this can be found here:

Specify what connection type you're using, wireless / ethernet, and if you've tried different computers/connections and if you've tried different cables/drivers etc.

- Game crashes / PC reboots / Blue Screens (BSOD) -

Please include a DxDiag report; a guide for doing this can be found here:

Include a screenshot of your hardware's temperatures while playing.
A free program that does this can be found here:

Detail if you've tried different drivers, or hardware.

- Unlock Codes / "You are logging in from a different location." -

These are sent anytime we detect a different IP address accessing your account.
If you have a Dynamic IP address, it may change daily.

If you email us at we can discuss this further, along with other options.

- Account issues / Change email address / Lost characters -

These will need to be handled via email for security reasons.
Our address is, and if you include your username/character name, we can get this resolved quite quickly.

- Image hosting -

Please host your images on

For all issues, the more information you give us, the less likely we are to reply to you with a response asking for more details.
We're here to help, along with a lot of our community members, and are more than happy to go through problems with you.

However, this section is not for discussing why things are broken/or why they are a certain way, this is not the place to discuss why de-sync exists etc; there are various other forum sections where this can be done.

With that being said, we will not tolerate troll/insulting/spam replies/threads in this section.
The forum rules can be found here: and they will be enforced strictly within this section of the forums.

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