A Swing of Hope -the NPC is missing


I have both of the quest items but the pirate is missing at "The Docks", tried to restart the game to create a new instance, nothing helped:
Larger pic:http://i.imgur.com/45iZSzg.jpg
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This is best filed/reported under the "Bug Reports" section. You should find one of these instances with no pirate, then type /debug and enter, then take a screenshot, then post it in the bug reports forum.

In the mean time, you may have some luck contacting support@grindinggear.com
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Now this might sound stupid, but are you sure you are in the correct difficulty?
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I have the same bug...
it's not a bug....it's you skipping the marooned mariner quest in act one of whatever difficulty you are in...do that quest first
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