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A Swing of Hope -the NPC is missing


I have both of the quest items but the pirate is missing at "The Docks", tried to restart the game to create a new instance, nothing helped:
Larger pic:
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This is best filed/reported under the "Bug Reports" section. You should find one of these instances with no pirate, then type /debug and enter, then take a screenshot, then post it in the bug reports forum.

In the mean time, you may have some luck contacting
Game mechanics wiki page, for all your calculation, tooltip, and basic gameplay question needs:
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Now this might sound stupid, but are you sure you are in the correct difficulty?
Due to the lack of a notification system (made worse by the recent changes to the organisation of the forum), chances are that I won't revisit this thread.

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I have the same bug...
it's not a's you skipping the marooned mariner quest in act one of whatever difficulty you are that quest first
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