Undying Evangelist

what kind of spell is that?

freewaypec wrote:
what kind of spell is that?


I would guess Holy damage , no resist , stack hp.
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Physical damage.

In short, if you think spell-casters and armored-bow users have it bad, evasion-based bow users have it the worst.

This one mob literally counters everything an evasion-bow user is about, and that's just ridiculous.
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S4l3m wrote:
It seems to protect them from ranged/projectile attacks.

It doesn't. It protects them from any damage coming outside of the shield. All you need to do is move inside the shield and kill them from there.
mattc3303 wrote:
You can turn their ability against them.

Raise them as a spectre: enjoy the benefits of the bubble when your character is near your raised evangelist. GG.

This. These things are pretty faceroll once you are strong enough to get them as spectres. Gonna rechrome my chest and play a little, these guys might be my new favorite spectre.
Point blank.
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Its a spell, those exploding things on the ground. They dont deal any damage if you ahve max spell block chance.
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There are two extremely effective ways to bring these down.

First: Minions + Minion Instability. They will run to them, explode, take them down instantly. Works great with Skeletons (as they run much farther away from you than zombies).

Second: Traps (and Fire Traps especially). Traps can fly though their shield, then they activate inside and kill them easily.
Do it like ninja

smoke mine
lightning warp to evangelist
volley in the face
use smoke mine
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