Undying Evangelist

Thanks for this ridiculous new monster, my ranger can't even do lvl 66 maps where they're in...thanks, really.(Doing lvl70+ maps before "release")
Made me ragequit on "Release-day", great achievement!

The new content is okay otherwise, but this monster makes my blood boil.

Any1 else feels this way? Is there any "trick" to kill them easily?(other then walking close to them?

...i know, qq....but i had to.

greetings :-)
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Evangelist, is that the guys throwing mines on the ground, with the aura thingy? I just ran straight in their face and shot them. :\
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Same here, pull, kill all other mobs around and run when a bomb is showing up.
Then right-in-his-face.
Or cast a totem in his bubble, then he attacks it :) and u can do your job.

But this mob is not responsible for a ragequit imho...
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I guess its mines yeah, and they are protected by this funny bubble..
If there are 2 or 3 its okay, but a room full of blue ones is ridiculously OP imo.
I won't stay forever, just 'til the end of time.
What exactly did that bubble do anyway? reflect projectile attacks? Cant remember lol.
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It seems to protect them from ranged/projectile attacks.
I won't stay forever, just 'til the end of time.
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Shield works not only as a protection. When these creatures were promoted , they said something like "their shield can reflect projectiles". Can't confirm it, have no ranged char.
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Stop crying, if they nerf the new content i bitch and moan about it, ok?
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Ill take a room of those shitheads over the stupid frog things. Holy hell the effing leap slam alpha strikes are too much. Not to mention the chill everywhere.

It's like they threw every annoying ass monster in the game on the way to Dominus. And Imperatrix? FUCKING IMPERATRIX HOLY SHIT. The only thing that's killed more people than her is
Dom's Blood Rain. LOL

But yea... that area... eugh.
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You can turn their ability against them.

Raise them as a spectre: enjoy the benefits of the bubble when your character is near your raised evangelist. GG.
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