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Hello, I am sure this has been requested many a times, but here it is again. Having a search feature for searching through the stash and if possible characters as well. Basically your whole account. It would be incredibly useful. It's nice that at least orbs all have unique icons, but gems... Man gems are a huge pain. I usually keep one of each skill I come across, sometimes 2 or more depending on my characters and such. Trying to sort through 20+ green gems to find something is frustrating.

The way I think would work well is when you open stash there is a little text box maybe at the bottom of the stash window that you can type your key word/phrase into. Then, it would simply highlight items that matched your search. It could even dull/fade out the items that didn't match for even more effect. This way you wouldn't have to do some crazy thing like refresh the players stash with items that were found, or have to build an entirely new window/widget for just search.

Problem is, how would this work with character searches? Well, perhaps what you could do is if you searched for say, spark, then not only would my stash highlight the spark gems, but next to the new search box some simple text could come up that just says "Also found on characters B, D and G", obviously with proper wording but you get the idea. Basically just something simple letting you know which character to login and check. We don't need some full inspection preview of the character, or the ability to unequip the item or remove the item from the players inventory from whatever character you did the sarch on. Though, that would be tight as hell.

Anyways, hope this finds it's way in game. I could careless how you guys do it, I would just like to be able to search, period. Anything you guys make I am sure would be great.

PS, I noticed a typo in my message and right before I hit submit I hit back space to remove some text, but I had already taken my cursor out of the text box. I accidentally went back in my browser by mistake, I was so mad I thought I lost my entire message. I hit forward and wa-la my message was right back where I left it. Thank goodness... +1 for you guys, I have done that a couple other times by accident and I never seen that happen before :)
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