Another "Change Avatar" Thread

I have NO change avatar button in my profile. I've changed my avatar before, but it's gone. Can I only change it once? I'm using Chrome, I've tried it on Firefox and IE, but the change avatar button is just... Not there.

Threads of people talking about problems with it are people having issues of clicking the link, but my problem is that the link ISNT EVEN THERE!

Help preese? :3
Still nothing? :(
Indeed, either I need a new pair of glasses already or I just can't find the avtar change button.
Lol, It's not there, or is somewhere , but i can't find it.
Strange, very strange
This is the Internet and we have a saying, women are men, men are men and the little girls are FBI agents.
Thanks for pointing this out guys. This is getting fixed now and will be deployed in a patch in the near future.

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