constand dc's at dominus

i have ran up the sceptre of the god 5 times, and everytime i try to enter dominus' lair i dc, whats up with that? the only thing i can think is what happens is that my internet cant handle the load and drops me out of teh game, sadly not everyone is blessed with a fast internet connection. is there a way for you guys to get me in there so i can beat him up enter cruel and fix this issue for future characters/the few other players that may have this same issue?

thank you.
just got the same thing after defeating him cant even enter the area without disconnecting some ending there right
Same for me constant dc's when i try to enter.
Same, only I have had tried every fix that GGG has come out with... :(
got same problem
I have the same problem, it seemed to load okay when i enter his area through a TP though.
same here. maybe include poor people in testing things before they are thrown into patch :)

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