BAD performance in two areas only.

Im getting extremely choppy gameplay (like constant HDD usage and sinusoidal FPS) in this two areas:

- Catacombs Act 3 area
- End Of Caverns lvl 2 (after the waypoint when you enter the pyramid).

Its weird bacause:

- rest of the game is perfectly fluid (till Act 3 Marketplace at least).
- other areas that uses these tilesets are perfectly fluid (for example pyramid before vaal is perfect and it uses the same textures than first floor that is connected to cavenrs).

If i may suggest something i think its because ligthning in these zones. Its different than in other zones with the same tilesets.
I recommend passing this to graphics/effects developers. I will post these in Bug Reorts and VFX forums also.

My specs: AMD 64x2 3.0Ghz, Radeon HD4850, 4GB RAM, Win7

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