Swig of hope quest item disappeared


I'm in act 3 normal in Nemesis. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a new quest item (I think int he market place, not sure what the item is called anymore). I had it in my stash the whole time, and continued to progress through the act. I got the a "swig of hope" quest from fairgraves in the docks, and later continued to the barracks. Somehow however, the quest item disappeared, and I'm no longer to continue the quest...

Any ideas? I searched the market place again to get the item again, but no luck..

The Marketplace quest (The Decanter Spiritus) is part of Fairgraves' quest. You would have given it to him when you met him in the Docks.
Code warrior
Great. Thanks. Ok, that would make sense.

However I'm now stuck on the next part then..I cleared the barracks instance 3 times from top to bottom looking for the entrance to the imperial maze, but it was no where to be found. I ran up and down the green wall a few times (people in general chat said that I should find it there), but no luck..I'll give it another try and keep you posted.
Ok, i've reset the instance and now have managed to find the entrance. Although I might have missed it the first time, I'm really confident that isn't the case..so possibly a bug? who knows. Thanks for the help!

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