Spectral Throw

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llama wrote:
Does melee weapon range (like arena master passive or daressos unique) increase the hitbox of the thrown weapon? Thanks for your help, might be a dev question.
The base range of the weapon affects the projectile's size, but bonuses to melee range from passives etc do not, as it is not being used in melee.
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Xapti wrote:
I wonder... why does GGG say that spectral throw shotguns (build of the week video) if it doesn't?
It was very unfinished, and in this respect, bugged, at the time the video was made. Chris was not aware that was a bug at the time.
Necrogue wrote:
In this video you can see my pointer on the totem boss when I use Spectral Throw on it. When it dies the game for some reason thinks it's necessary to step forward even though that spot was in range of the throw.

While Kuduku is alive, your cursor anywhere on him is targeting him as a whole, and you'll be moving into range that the throw can reach him - at his closest edge. When he's dead you're now targeting the ground directly under the mouse pointer, and need to move forward to reach that specific spot which is no on the closest edge of where Kuduku was.
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The projectile's size in units is directly based on the actual base range of the weapon (from it's type).

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