Low Life Infernal Blow FaceBreaker! [44k AOE DPS]

Welcome to my first POE guide :)

This build gear is up for sale: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/538879!

This is hands down the funnest build I played in POE.
To make this build possible you have to use Shavronne's Wrappings. It allows you to use 2 additional auras AND you get 54% MORE attack speed from Blood Rage!
Since Shavronne's Wrappings is an ES chest getting 4 Red 1 Green sockets is going to be a bit expensive.
Your DPS scales from Flat Physical Damage so aim for 9-15 rings and 15-26 amulet.

ACrCkUWGhost Reaver:
"Life Leech applies to Energy Shield instead of Life."
Makes this build work.

M0q7i6SIron Reflexes:
"Converts all Evasion Rating to Armour. Dexterity provides no bonus to Evasion Rating."
Abyssus increases the physical damage you take by 40%-50% which makes some mobs hit like a brick. Using Grace + Determination boosts your armour by a huge amount and allows you to survive any map.

efLPfnPVaal Pact:
"Life Leech applies instantly. Life Recovery from Flasks and Regeneration has no effect."
A must for Elemental Reflect maps. The explosion from killing a group of mobs can insta kill you. Since you loose regen with this node you'll have to get your chaos res to 0% at the very least so that Blood Rage hits you for less.

tuQEXRRResolute Technique:
"Your hits can't be Evaded. Never deal Critical Strikes."
Resolute Technique is not a must but this way you won't need accuracy nodes or accuracy on items and you can't crit anyway.

rmvi3QYUnwavering Stance:
"Cannot Evade enemy Attacks. Cannot be Stunned."
This node allows me to drop

and use an amulet with 15-26 Phys and 4% mana leech roll. 15-26 Phys boosts my DPS by 9k from 35k to 43k which is huge. The 4% mana leech on an amulet means I can use Attack Speed gem instead of a Mana Leech gem.

*Since you have almost no range you'll run to mobs a lot which is why using a level 1 20% Arctic Armour (7% moving speed boost at 20%Q) and level 20 Haste is nice for the additional moving speed.

*If you don't want to use Mana Leech gem you need at least 4% [2% MIGHT work] mana leech on rings/amulet.

*Level 20 & 20%Q Blood Rage is essential to make this build worth it.

*I'm using Increased Area Of Effect since getting a 6 off color Shavronne's Wrappings is extremely expesnive and it allows me to hit more mobs and save 4 skill points.

*Make good use of Enduring cry. 4 endurance charges can save your life against physical mobs.

Skill Tree:

Gem Setup:




I recommend using Lightning Warp, the 2 other gems is your choice!

DPS / Defenses:
Armour [With 4 Endurance Charges]:

Damage[With Blood Rage & 5 Frenzy Charges]:


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Video pls?
Ive done some maps with this badass:) Can tell you one thing.. I wasent even in those maps -.-
Video pls?

I do have a video but it's a 77 map with Enfeeble and 28% increased monster life so it seems like I do no damage.
I'll record a new video tomorrow when i roll another 77 map.
And what about elemental reflect? ;)
How do you deal with it?
Melee: Frost blades, Frenzy.
Spell: EK, Firestorm.
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Selling gear becouse in 2 weeks this build is stomped to ground with tree changes and item rebalance :S ?
Completed 17 ChallengesMCSMvsME wrote:
And what about elemental reflect? ;)
How do you deal with it?

Vaal Pact allows me to not 1 shot myself to Elemental Reflect. I still have to be careful on Elemental Reflect maps but they're not super dangerous.

Selling gear becouse in 2 weeks this build is stomped to ground with tree changes and item rebalance :S ?

This build won't ever be stumped since it barely uses the center, which will have most changes.
Do you have a source on GGG nerfing Shavs, Abyssus or FB gloves?
I'm selling the gear since the build is done and I want to try other builds when I get the full respec at game release :)
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He probably means that this build wont be viable cause u will have a very hard time to reach vaalpact as witch.
ripjoller wrote:
He probably means that this build wont be viable cause u will have a very hard time to reach vaalpact as witch.

It's still viable but you'll have to use frenzy for Elemental Reflect maps.
this build is rly cool and first time i see something like that
and second thing
this message is for people who post a reply with " passive will change..."
have u have try to make a test in your entire passive tree?
if u make a choice to go for exemple in a branch of the tree for exemple up right and not up left
well u see that there are same point for reaching keystone nodes

try by your self , i m speaking as sporker\ freezing pulse withc
and every tume i try to change my build from grab maybe 10 int more and not 10 dex
the same points i spent for dex i spent for int
GGG has care of our build and want that we use head

if u take a look at the main page of path of exile u can see the center tree which changes will have
i m pretty pretty sure 100% that the points now u use for grab VAAL PACT will be the same nodes in the future

Chris is for sure not a person who like destroy build and proget of people
this is like one of the most online game that in 1 month your tier set is the max and after 1 month new expansion new item , your old sucks and your tier is super old , and u feel a noob vs the new tier ( like t8 vs t9...if someone know what i mean )
this game is perfect for people who like use head
i saw people build to facepalm with hands and feet , just cos they grab nodes which were the wrong choice even if they have the perfect key in tree

so if u like this build buy his gear
MortemGlacies dual totem spork lowlife 10k dps 18k dps max ( no dual wield or void battery or power charges on)
thread 534605 gameplay video....

looking for an atzirimirror unique shield season 1 race PM
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