Season Four, Event 156: 2 Hour Cutthroat Party

Slix was good at hiding on EU.

But we killed some others who had the some idea.
Party of fluffy_unicorn.

Last 5 min we killed #7-9 one duelist escaped he invaded another instance with 2-3 other players.

Our templar against bt and 2 duelists. I chased one duelist but resynced several times because I flickeded some mob.

Incredible drop luck. Flicker Strike in Upper Prison and 2 multistrikes, Wanderlust.

I would still prefer a noob protection and closed off zones, so there is more PVP.
It's sad when you can calculate you can kill a level 12-18 at ledge.

I prefered Lactif or Blamt CTs in that matter because you could be sure there is nobody past upper prison.

lol curse you. i'm such a stupid wetch. i was enjoying things in the moment too much to just sit back in town and enjoy my comfortable lead over the next witch for the last 5 minutes
I didn't kill you SmokinTumbleWeed/Metronomy got you I was still zoning, you died when I finished loading ;)

I was just entered level 3 sins, because I was in the search for Slix but he left the main roads really fast.

One of your party members even died to mobs running away with conductivity.

Sadly slain messages don't get logged anymore but backwards:

NAsBestTemplar (Level 23) has died at position 18 on the ladder.-->One of our templars lost vs 2 duelists prolly because of wrong resists

DAFCKINPIMP___ (Level 25) has died at position 4 on the ladder. I killed that duelist with multistrike and followed another one

IwillCutYourThroat (Level 25) has died at position 7 on the ladder.
Died to mobs. I had my cursor on him but he died to some mobs.

You died to Metronomy/SmokngTumbleWeed:
Here is part of my logfile:
2013/10/11 14:57:17 162660339 75 [INFO Client 1101704] Connecting to instance server at
2013/10/11 14:57:18 162661337 55 [INFO Client 1101704] Tile hash: 2250117652
2013/10/11 14:57:18 162661337 56 [INFO Client 1101704] Doodad hash: 2820056223
2013/10/11 14:57:23 162666173 1cf [INFO Client 1101704] *: ImAStupidWetch (Level 25) has died at position 6 on the ladder.

I couldn't possible kill you in 5 sec ;)

Those 2 kills were mine while looking for Slix
2013/10/11 14:49:19 162182055 1cf [INFO Client 1101704] *: BAKERCUTWHAT (Level 21) has died at position 25 on the ladder.
2013/10/11 14:49:06 162169840 1cf [INFO Client 1101704] *: GIRLS_BE_LIKE_UNICORNES (Level 21) has died at position 22 on the ladder.

And that one on ledge when I entered it our templar got almost killed and my multistrike rescured him.
2013/10/11 14:15:16 160139565 1cf [INFO Client 1101704] *: DeizeCOCKTHROAT (Level 18) has died at position 17 on the ladder.

Your level instance also had Some_guy and harrylarry and Grim I think(it was a long gibberish name)

I think #5 and #6 were also in your party because #6 escaped when I flickered some random mob instead of him + resync 2-3 screens away(at last I couldn't see him anymore.)

Yeah that was us in there at the end. We actually attempted to invade y'all's instance several other times, but the game conveniently crashed every time we entered... a little fishy right? Well R W B and I managed to get helman for the second time this season so it wasn't all bad. Nice cut throat overall, though.
but the game conveniently crashed every time we entered...

Yeah server wasn't that stable.

A fight would had been interesting. Maybe forcing everybody into the PVP Arena the last 30min, would finally make CT more PVP based.

My defense against elemental damage was balanced ( 40-50 elemental) and I couldn't be frozen because I had wanderlust.
Would had been interesting too see how PVP would be without the 3-6 second no chance freeze rips.(which resulted to hilarious dualrips in solocts, 2 GH users frozen and the after hit effect takes us both down at the same time)

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