Path of Exile Media Tour Day One

We spent the day in a conference room at our hotel in Los Angeles giving demos of the Path of Exile release content to journalists. It has been a really tiring day, but it's awesome to get the first public feedback on our new content and changes. Here's a photo (with some content censored) of our setup. This was taken during a quiet period where Jonathan was giving a video interview. We had up to four journalists playing at once during other parts of the day.

Alienware generously provided four powerful laptops for us to borrow for the week. Thanks, guys!

Journalists are allowed to start posting information about Path of Exile 1.0.0 as soon as it becomes Friday, pacific time. If you're lucky they'll stay up late to post articles at midnight. I'll try to link as many as I can in the news that day.
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great... nice to read this.
I kind of expected the censor to be on the computer screens.
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What's in the censored part?
stop over moderating that makes the official forums useless
Friday... :-(
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
One whole week of waiting and torture.

Thanks GGG! ^_^
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Hooray for my odd sleeping patterns!

Roll on Friday (Like that's different from any other week)
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