What's happening when Anarchy/Onslaught leagues end?

This worth anything?

Warhaul wrote:
just need one more exile and that won't happen. bummer.

same here
Tin_Foil_Hat wrote:
The entire idea of "Legacy" items is stupid.

If theyre going to nerf something it needs to be globally nerfed. Nerfing after patch drops and not pre-patch drops is a huge issue.

It creates issues such as pre-patch drop items having skill tree setups that only they can use. There is already a small amount of effective skill trees in the end game as is, this would effect tree choices pretty bad. Depending on how its nerfed, it can make skill trees such as the Righteous Fire Marauder only work for people who have pre-patch drops, and anyone who has after patch drops wouldnt be able to use it due to the lack of health. (Depending on the items, if they decide to nerf things for some and not all, it can also make pre-existing builds no longer viable for certain players).

Creates far more issues than it will solve.

I could careless how much you spent on your unique, people know that the game is constantly changing. Changing it for a small portion of players and screwing everyone else is absolutely absurd, if youre going to do something, it needs to be globally changed and not just changed to benefit those who have been playing longer or had a lucky drop/chance pre-patch.

i believe you are wrong in every single aspect of your argument. why cant people have items that are better? it would create more demand for those items, it would ensure that there are more rare items in the game. i think that legacy items should stay as they are specifically for the reason that people would be able to make better builds around them, far better than people without those items. it would increase their worth and create a new market for those items. they would become a premium, but not a necessity.
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What will happen to my stash that have a full of item - 0-

the item will be disappear?

and how about my friend who stop playing for a while is their item will be disappear?

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