What's happening when Anarchy/Onslaught leagues end?

I am pretty sure that Chris is fully aware about this debate, and doesnt not feel confortable with that issue. And he is for sure unhappy about the resulting speculation around Kaom..

But I am convinced also that he will take the right decision, for the sake of the game.

but I guess Malone is too lazy to read through the thread to see all of the ideas people have offered to remedy problems-

Considering the number of "+1" my proposal got ( to make legacy unique not tradeable unless you divine it ) , let's say that you are just wrong here :)
By the way, you can't refund people that trade Kaom ( for currencies or item ), that's just not feasible, and even if it was, it would not good for the game itself for obvious reason ( first one beeing that it will create huge amount of currencies ).
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The entire idea of "Legacy" items is stupid.

If theyre going to nerf something it needs to be globally nerfed. Nerfing after patch drops and not pre-patch drops is a huge issue.

It creates issues such as pre-patch drop items having skill tree setups that only they can use. There is already a small amount of effective skill trees in the end game as is, this would effect tree choices pretty bad. Depending on how its nerfed, it can make skill trees such as the Righteous Fire Marauder only work for people who have pre-patch drops, and anyone who has after patch drops wouldnt be able to use it due to the lack of health. (Depending on the items, if they decide to nerf things for some and not all, it can also make pre-existing builds no longer viable for certain players).

Creates far more issues than it will solve.

I could careless how much you spent on your unique, people know that the game is constantly changing. Changing it for a small portion of players and screwing everyone else is absolutely absurd, if youre going to do something, it needs to be globally changed and not just changed to benefit those who have been playing longer or had a lucky drop/chance pre-patch.
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iamstryker wrote:
Xendran wrote:

If standard was meant to represent the true PoE experience, Anarchy would not be the default league.

There is no one "true" PoE experience. Every league IS Path of Exile. Standard is the most obvious league to need all fixes because its always around and many players do not want to start over to play a new league. Leaving flaws in just to not hurt peoples feelings is ridiculous. I hope they aren't refusing to nerf OP builds for the same reason.

Malone wrote:
That's not the point. You cannot penalize the guy who spent hundreds of hours farming to pay his Kaom and nerf it at the end... That's why there will be legacy uniques. That's not like you had the possibility to buy Kaom for few chaos... Paying 30 exalts is quite a big investment for 97 % of the players.

Not everyone grinded the game to get a Kaoms, but thats besides the point. This game has always been undergoing changes and the devs can't shy away from fixes just because they might make someone mad. If Kaoms was nerfed it would still be a good item, the only reason it would be getting a change is because the devs feel its over powered and imbalanced. OP builds have to be nerfed as well and the devs can't just leave the builds alone because someones going to be upset.

Yes, totally agreed. The game is in BETA stage, so any crying due to rebalances as seen fit by GGG is just plain whining.


Edit: I disagreed a lot with Malone while reading the thread, but I totally second the idea of "bound to acount legacy uniques if not divined". Mainly because I play solo, or with a few friends but mostly self found, so it won't really affect me, and it's a sollution that "protects" the economy. And overall my Anarchy experience showed that I don't care for the new leagues, just because it's a pain in the *** to start grinding all over again for new characters, specially when I already have 5 or 6 alts with a blank passive tree to test new builds when i want to. (Not to mention the tons of single player offline games waiting in line for my free time... anyone said Darksouls 2? GTA V?)
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Their stash tabs also transfer, but excess ones will become remove-only.

what does remove-only means?
what does remove-only means?

It simply mean, that stuff in your stash, if in excess, will be allowed to be transfer over with "remove only tabs"! This means that once all items within a certain tab have been removed, that "remove only tab" will disappear. Also, while the "remove only tab or tabs" are in use, you can not place items for storage within the tab, it won't allow it, you can only remove, not place items within the tab.
just need one more exile and that won't happen. bummer.
I don't understand all this arguing. Every arpg I have ever played has had some form of legacy/collector/expansion only items (assuming it remained popular enough to exist for some time). Its not like this is some new mechanic that should shock people.

Its always been done this way because most of these companies do not want to piss off their customers in a LOOT BASED GAME by making them worry that the next patch could be the one to destroy the gear they spent hours of time and resources collecting.

On top of that, these items will eventually leave the game economy through player death and people quitting to the point that most new players will never know they even existed.
Warhaul wrote:
just need one more exile and that won't happen. bummer.

Another legacy type item? Man I can only imagine how expensive those alt-art 20 stat onyx amulets will be.... I'm never a fan of legacy items...
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Will one of the new leagues be hardcore, the other softcre? Or is it just the added shrine for one and nemesis mob in the other.

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