What's happening when Anarchy/Onslaught leagues end?

edit: not worth arguing with ppl who can't read ... so forget it.

As per OP: Thumbs up GGG! Awesome news :)
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Chris wrote:
The Onyx Amulet will have its implicit mod reduced to 10-16 to all attributes. Any Onyx Amulets found or rolled with Blessed Orbs before this change goes into effect will keep their higher values.

More legacy items? That sucks. Not the end of the world since it's only a loss of +4 to all attributes, and only affects the legacy leagues.

Chris wrote:
All of the item base types introduced in Anarchy and Onslaught will now spawn in all leagues. They or other base types may later be disabled.
Anarchy and Onslaught-only Unique items will not drop any more. Some or all of them may return in the future.

This is just bad. None of this content is worthy of removal, and most are actually exceedingly well balanced and designed. What is the reasoning for removing these, or only "potentially" removing them? I don't exactly see the harm is allowing them to drop and be used in perpetuity.
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OMG I have to buy those league only Uniques now... I hope they are not super expensive...
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Can the anarchy / onslaught uniques still be chanced at least?

Kind of understand if not so the sc only ones can't get to if leagues. But still it would be nice!
Legacy items will be a thing, guys, so just don't divine your items after any nerfs.

Standard and HC are essentially dumping grounds for failed items, or non-ladder in D2, and playgrounds where people can strive to attain the most powerful characters possible using combinations of legacy and non-legacy gear.

4 Month leagues are the true ladders, so that's where the changes to items actually matter.
4 months is plenty of time to make multiple endgame characters.
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Chris wrote:
Malone wrote:
"ok you farmed like a mad cow to pay your Kaom Heart 30 exalts , and now we will nerf it ahahaha... hey why are you leaving the game ????"

Generally speaking, numeric nerfs to items don't apply to old ones.

Nerfing an item with tons of others floating around would make the situation even worse on the non new leagues that it is in. I really hope they do not do it like that. If an item is overpowered then fix all of them or don't bother fixing it at all.

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Xendran wrote:
4 Month leagues are the true ladders, so that's where the changes to items actually matter.
4 months is plenty of time to make multiple endgame characters.

Standard league still matters. It still represents Path of Exile so flaws should still be fixed.
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Do you have plans for the Self Found League?

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Consequently , there is no trade and no purchase killing bosses

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Nerfing ridiculous uniques is good, leaving the old ones as they are is even more ridiculous then not doing it at all. Well, who cares about permanent leagues anyway.

I do agree the official release is the best moment to do it, new content will divert attention from some of the more controversial changes somewhat.
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Kaom's change = The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

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