Difficulty Level Naming

Currently, Path of Exile has three difficulty levels: Hard, Cruel and Ruthless.

We're going to be adding a fourth difficulty level to the alpha realm soon, and need some ideas for its name.

Please suggest (serious) names in this thread, so that we can select the ones that we like the best and add a poll to the thread.
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Here's some names that I like -

- Brutal

- Cutthroat (Might be misconstrued)

- Relentless

- Merciless

- Infernal

If I can think of any more I'll post them, these sound pretty good to me.
Happy Days Abound.
- loathsome

- abominable

- disgusting

- sickening
wait... now it comes a legen...dary one:D

-Path of Dead

-Path of Hardness, Path of Cruelness, Path of Ruthless, Path of Dead

i cant find a better one, hehe..corporate identity;)

i hope the account with the winning name will get a poe key:P
Hm... idea is to convey a bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape where everything wants to kill you (and is quite capable of doing so), with one adjective.

Kinda tempted to suggest "Wraeclast" as the fourth difficulty name despite the fact that it's not an adjective (and despite the fact that innoruuk came up with something similar); it seems fitting, in a way, for the name of the hardest difficulty to be that of the continent your character is banished to.
I have wandered through insanity;
I have walked the spiral out.
Heard its twisted dreamed inanity
In a whisper, in a shout.
In the babbling cacophony
The refrains are all the same:
"[permutations of humanity]
are unworthy of the name!"
I don't like naming difficulty lvl by adjectives relating to pain (ruthless) or epicness (legendary and such). I think is a bit cheesy.
Naming starting diff as hard is cheesy too :P
Like some cheap advertisement - your brand new "luxury" car for 10k Euro only or such.

I don't know anything about story but why not try something connected to exile like:
??? -> Forsaken -> Banished -> Exiled -> ???
- doomed
- dratted
- forlorn
- self-seeking
- coveting / edacious
- sateless
I can see what you see not, Vision milky, then eyes rot.
When you turn, they will be gone, Whispering their hidden song.
And everyone pulls out their thesaurus.

Really, I think ness is on to something. Instead of naming the difficulties something generic you can use the opportunity to add a little more flavor to the game.

outcast -> forsaken -> banished -> exiled
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