So what are the most valuable/sought after gems?

I have a ton of gems in my stash and really need chromatics, so I was wondering what gems are the most valuable/sought after? Also, how many chromatics on average for a gem?
elemental weakness bro :D easely 20 chromes
I think the most valuable right now is empower, second most would be multistrike. I could be wrong though, idk.
Chain, Multistrike, Empower and any other drop only gems
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Empower currently sell (well, is auctioned for, no idea if it SELL) at 2 exalt ish.
Multistrike without quality will sell for 2 gcp
Elemental Weakness, Chain should also be worth a bit (a couple chaos?)
Reduced Mana, Blood Magic should sell for around 1 chaos each on average.
GMP always good. IIR, IIQ too.
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Most req level 31 gems will sell for something, maybe an alch.
GMP ( greater multiple projectiles )

To can simply link your gems to us, we like to spend out time helping others
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Elemental hit is pretty scarce, too.
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