0.11.5c Patch Notes and 1.0.0 Teaser

We've just deployed the 0.11.5c patch to fix some issues found in Friday's 0.11.5 patch. Work on 0.11.6 started today, which is a patch being produced mostly by Rory. He has spearheaded some new trap skills (which are looking pretty awesome). We're still six weeks out from deploying 1.0.0, but here's the smallest possible teaser I can get away with posting.
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Bring back the fishing rods!
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Nice. Sceptre of God room?
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Smallest possible? I'm getting exited!
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New Eternal Laboratory?
Completed 14 Challengesmatt41647 wrote:
New Eternal Laboratory?

Was just about to post this.
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Be honest Chris, that's a teaser of how your desk looks like on patch day :P
I guess you have to collect 4 golden pages for some quest. kappa
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