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Welcome to the Path of Exile Forum
The purpose of this forum is to create and maintain a mature community where community members can easily find and provide information relating to Path of Exile. All community members should feel welcome and comfortable. All forum posts and moderation should be in line with this objective.

About the Forum
The Forum is moderated by our in-house customer support team. Please feel free to contact them at any time by emailing them at

If you'd like to report a forum post please use the 'report post' button. It will be sent to the customer support team who will review it shortly after.

Summary of Guidelines
Players may not make posts that contain:
  • R18 Material
  • Illegal Content
  • Discrimination Against Others
  • Discrimination Against Others Based On Gameplay Styles and Preferences
  • Hostile Comments
  • Non-Constructive Feedback or Criticism
  • Advertising Without Authorisation
  • Spam
  • Harmful Accusations or Speculation
  • Manipulation of Quotes
  • Posting Private Information

Please don't:
  • Bump too frequently
  • Post threads in the incorrect index
  • Make duplicate threads
  • Necro-Post

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To ensure that members of the community feel welcome and information can be found easily, please help us make this forum an awesome place to stay by following the below guidelines.

Players should not make posts that contain:
R18 Material - Material such as pornographic content, sexually explicit content, real world graphic violence or otherwise disturbing real world content should not be posted.

Content posted should not be more explicit than in-game content. If you see it in game, it's probably okay to post - but we reserve the right to make a judgement call on what we deem harmful or inappropriate. Common sense and a "safe-for-work" rule should be the primary considerations.

Illegal Content - Discussion of how to commit illegal activities, discussion of how to use or acquire illegal substances, or posts that violate a law in and of themselves. This applies to illegal in-game activity and the posting or promotion of pirated software or other copyright infringement.

Don’t post any content that advocates or makes light of sexual abuse, sexual assault, any other illegal sexual acts, illegal drugs, violence, self harm and suicide.

Discrimination Against Others - Content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence based on considerations of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or membership in any other social group.

This includes using terms that in and of themselves are offensive to a group regardless of their context.

If a player is found to be making a post that is outlined in the Tier 1 Category they may receive:
  • One week probation
  • One month probation
  • Three month probation
  • One year probation

Note: Depending on the severity of the content, posting Tier 1 material may result in your account being banned without warning.
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Discrimination Against Others Based On Gameplay Styles and Preferences - Comments that belittle or harm others, especially that are based on their gameplay styles and preferences.

You are welcome to take an opposing stance on gameplay views, styles and preferences. However, if you choose to register this opinion please do so respectfully and without belittling or harming others.

Hostile Comments - Comments that are made in malice or aggression (passive or otherwise) are not permitted. This also includes comments of any kind that belittle or harm another player. You are free to dislike any player or their comments but you should express your disagreement respectfully and without hostility.

In addition to obvious outright insults/attacks the following types of comments would not be permitted: "Most stupid argument of all time.", "You sound like a useless player anyway. Play another game.", "I would call you an idiot but the rules don't allow it."

Non-Constructive Feedback or Criticism
We welcome feedback and debate, however, please make sure your comments contribute to the discussion and are not an attack.

This guideline is not intended to prevent players from respectfully disagreeing with one another or with Grinding Gear Games staff.

If a player is found to be making a post that is outlined in the Tier 2 Category they may receive:
  • One day probation and warning
  • One week probation
  • One month probation
  • Three month probation
  • One year probation
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Advertising Without Authorisation - If you would like to advertise a product or service on the forum please contact to request authorisation. If you are asking people for financial contribution or to sign up for something, please double check with support to make sure this is okay.

Spam - Players should not make posts that contain no meaningful content or needlessly repeat the same or similar content. This includes making threads for the purpose of emulating an existing thread and making "First!" or "TLDR" posts.

It's okay to give brief responses, but they must contain content. This means it's okay to make comments that are considered a +1/-1 response, for example; "Hype" or "Nice!".

Accusations or Speculation - Comments that speculate or accuse others directly or indirectly of illegal in-game activity. This includes linking to or suggesting websites that contain this information elsewhere. If you have any reports of misconduct, please contact us privately at

Manipulation of Quotes - Players should not quote others and alter the content of that quote for purposes other than brevity or to highlight a specific sentence. This means players should not put words in other players' mouths by manipulating quotes to change the meaning or intention.

Posting Private Information - Please do not post the personal or private information of anyone else, including private correspondence, without the explicit consent of all involved parties.

If a player is found to be making a post that is outlined in the Tier 3 Category they may receive:
  • Warning
  • One day probation
  • One week probation
  • One month probation
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Forum Etiquette
The guidelines in this section should be considered etiquette and are not necessarily a formal ruling. We will tread lightly when acting on these cases and provide players with adequate information when they have been deemed to be consistently ignoring etiquette and requests from the support team. In some cases it may result in the player's forum access being restricted.

Bumping Threads - A bump is a post that is made with the sole purpose of pushing your thread to the top of the sub-forum. Trade threads may be bumped once per hour. Non-trade threads may be bumped once per day.

You may not increase this number by posting from an alternate account or asking another player to bump for you. Players who consistently bump threads outside of these guidelines may be placed on probation.

Posting In The Correct Index - Please aim to post your thread in the correct forum. Read each sub-forum description to decide which is the most suitable. If you're unsure, feel free to ask the support team!

Threads made in an incorrect sub-forum will be moved to the correct sub-forum index and the player should be notified. Players who consistently post in the incorrect sub-forum after being notified may be placed on probation.

Duplicate Threads - Threads that are created that are the same or very similar to a currently active topic will be closed and a link to the currently active topic will be posted.

A topic is considered active if it is on the first two pages of the forum it is posted in, or is a long standing post such as a guide, showcase or long term discussion that could reasonably be considered active. This rule also applies to topics that are varying degrees of the same topic. For example; "I don't like items." and "How do you feel about items?" would be considered the same topic. Players who consistently create duplicate threads may be placed on probation.

Please do not bump old (2 months +) posts with outdated information or if there's already an active discussion about the topic open. Generally speaking it's best to start a new discussion rather than reviving an old one.
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A probation is a state your account may be placed in that will restrict all access to private messages and posting privileges, but will still allow you to participate in game.

Players are not permitted to use alternative accounts to circumvent a probation. Players found to be circumventing a forum probation on an alternate account can expect the original probation duration to be doubled and applied to both accounts.

A thread may be locked if:
  • The content of the original post is likely to incite a lot of responses that breach our Forum Guidelines.
  • The content is a duplicate of or very similar to another currently active discussion.
  • A thread is made where the original post contains content that is misleading and harmful.
  • The OP has requested it.

  • Posts that are a clear attempt to circumvent the aforementioned guidelines indirectly will still be subject to the same removal.
  • Exceptional cases may require the support staff to use their discretion to remove content that is not listed in the guidelines that hinders or harms the forum experience for others.
  • We reserve the right to use discretion when determining whether or not a comment is meant sincerely, maliciously and other such parameters.
  • We reserve the right to change, update or amend these guidelines at any time.
  • Moderation Discussion - Please do not interrupt an existing discussion to give feedback on moderation action. Please contact the customer support team at with any concerns or queries you may have about moderation action. You may create a new thread in the correct forum to discuss moderation action as long as it does not breach the aforementioned guidelines, or it is not targeted at a specific moderator. .
  • Rule of thumb for all guidelines - Don't be an egg. Be civil. Don't say things you wouldn't say in a face-to-face conversation.
Negatively Affecting the Community
In cases where we find that an individual has a constant negative effect on the community we may take action outside of the aforementioned guidelines to remove the individual from the community.

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