If I 6link my marohi...

I'm lvl 86 using a ground slam build with a marohi.

my build

Right now im using Ground slam>added fire damage>increased melee physical>concentrated effect> faster attacks.

If I 6link it, what gem should i use next ? Everyone seem to be using multistrike, but is it really worth it with such a slow hard hitting weapon ? less damage per hit=less armor piercing. Is there a better gem, maybe added chaos damage ?
Multistrike will give you a lot more dps. "Armour piercing" doesn't matter for mapping. No monster has over 1000 armour. It also basically lowers your mana cost because you get 3 attacks for one mana cost.
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i would say respec bm and put bm gem in the 6th socket ,run hatred haste or determination on mana.
Ground slam+added fire+melee physical+faster attacks+multistrike for the 6th socket u could keep conce effect im not 100% sure what would be the Best option i just rerolled Ground slam myself

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