@GGG: linking items in chat

Axebane wrote:
Ctrl+Alt+Click? Srsly? I thought it was a joke. That's sad.

It's only one more button press. It's not like you have to do it in combat, only when you are sitting in town selling stuff. I don't see how it's such a big deal?

Not sure about you, but I dont sit in town most of the day "selling" stuff.

Most of my links I do goto party members while in combat.

Ctrl+alt+click sucks.

Let us remap the key or something.
I'm already kinda used to it... But I see it the same way as MrDDT, most of my links go to party chat after identifying some fresh loot. My suggestion how to make it easier for us would be Ctrl+Alt+Del+click or so.
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Zakaluka wrote:
You know what'll be really great,

When we have trade-linkable stash tabs so we don't have to link 500 things in global.

When the web trade interface is up and it doesnt matter what the link hotkey is, because well, I'd rather use one of the two much better ways to trade.
I usually link drop in party chat to show it (if asked to) or to ask if anyone needs the item (good item, but not for my class). I barely trade in POE. Btw, if I play with friend I tend to link items in party chat A LOT.

Xendran wrote:
Whoever thought ctrl+alt+click was a good idea...
I don't even understand how this could possibly even go through your mind...
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It seems like alt+right click would have been the most intuitive change from alt+left click. Oh well xP
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Completed 2 ChallengesRory wrote:
The Alt change was made because I was getting a lot of reports saying people were linking items whenever they tried to equip items - We were just trying this out, to see if it was any better! Please let us know if you have a better solution, or bindings you'd prefer.

Going back is preferable. I don't know why people kept accidentally linking items, but I never did personally.

Maybe make it so you have to open the chat first, then press alt+click to link it.

But alt+rightclick would be best
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Just add an option to edit the binding for this action, that way everybody wins.
lajcik wrote:
Just add an option to edit the binding for this action, that way everybody wins.

I know I can CTRL-ALT-Click to link an item but I need to have the item to link.

Is it possible to put a link for an item that I want to buy and do not currently have?

Just wondering :)
lajcik wrote:
Just add an option to edit the binding for this action, that way everybody wins.

I remember talking to chris about this, he said there was some limitation that requires it to be on a function key. Since ctrl click, alt click, and shift click were already taken it had to be a combo.
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