Further 0.11.4 Improvements

A last minute addition to the 0.11.4 patch fixed a problem that has been in the game since the start of Beta - the edges of shadows would shimmer as you move around. We've now fixed this so that they remain stable, which feels a lot better. In addition, we had previously stated that the 0.11.4 patch optimised the filesize of the game's art by 10% (improving performance, load times, memory usage and associated stability problems). A change made today has increased this improvement to over 20%! Because changes to the art in this way involve redownloading it, we don't want to force everyone to download multiple large patches a few days apart. The changes are being combined into one set, which has unfortunately delayed 0.11.4 until Friday or Monday, NZ time. Thanks for your patience and ongoing support.

It's possible that the end result of the asset filesize improvements will be even larger than the 20% mentioned above. We don't have final figures yet, but it's looking really good. In addition, we've found a way to reduce the size of normal maps that are used alongside textures. This will be in a subsequent patch (possibly 0.11.5) and will probably reduce another 20-25% from the filesize of the game art. Aggressive performance optimisations like these are an important part of the leadup to full release later this year. It's likely that our changes will include some more experimental combat sync improvements, depending on how well our internal testing goes.

I'm tentatively hoping to be able to post full 0.11.4 patch notes in the news tomorrow. No promises yet, though :)
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Love the optimization, hopefully the most of this performance is felt with a3, maps there are big enough to make it crash land for me and many others.
Always gets better.
Too bad the patch had to be delayed, looks great nonetheless.
Sounds fuckin awesome.
We'll see how things actually turn out, I hope they meet your expectations.
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This is going to be my favorite patch so far c:
Thanks GGG for the amazing game and the swift improvements!
Holy cow o.O

After this changes Path Of Exile will run on something a little better than a toaster :D
In before people get confused and think map area is getting reduced.
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