In Between Season Event 3: 90 Minute Ancestral Descent

This event is strictly for fun, and offers no prizes or points.

You can find out more about Descent at this page.

Ancestral means Totems! Totems everywhere.

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*takes out list of things to avoid like the plague*

*jots down this race*
So I had really amazing RNG both times I tried this race, got an iron ring with 1-5 lightning both times, move speed boots, weapons with IPD and life leech/on hit and some ele, etc.

I died the first time to a little desynch, but it was very slight, just enough time for all the goatmen by the alira boss with an always crit totem to all jump on me at the same time... lol.

The second time was an allies cannot die in frozen abyss, in Merviel's room... The swarms blocked off the entrances, but couldn't die, so I couldn't get through them. I even had a sapphire ring by this point!

VERY VERY hard race. Just putting the feedback out there. Of course this is fine, but if you do more than 1 mod on a descent with this, it could get very pointless lol. Try this out if you like a challenge, I know I do.
IGN = Dellusions_Duelist
none of the items i crafted or found had lr so i got killed pretty quick by arc ribbon with diamond totem.

chance + regal lolz
died once in spider lair
I died in the last zone, 6th overall. Definitely one of the most annoying races I have ever done.

It took me a good 10 minutes to get through the statue zone, because there was a room literally full of SHIT. ice archers, with increased crit totem and haste totem. How insane is that? I had to log 5 times and make use of every shit trick in the book, because whenever I entered the room I got insta-crit and frozen. I had to lure out single archers and kill them one by one. It was tedious and really annoying and cost me SO much time.

I wish I had streamed this race or made a screenshot it was absolutely wild.

I personally don't want anymore ancestral races at all, if you get broken totem combinations (like I did in that room) it's almost impossible to move on.
#1 Victim of Murphy's Law.
Did that race had different ID scroll drop rates I found like 5 id scrolls total during the race :/

Crit totems(Triple Shock Freezing), DD Totems(champs and rares might kill you in cruel/merciless) and Invul Totems(flaskrefilling manapotions) are really annoying in that race.

I ran in far to many random chests which dropped shit :/

In the end I got reckless and got knockback stunlocked.

Slow and steady gets you 15th place (7th if not counting the dead peps ahead of me)

My conclusión after this race is why i have not played any races before, was a fantastic experience, 100% enjoyable, just waiting for the next one to see if i can improve my timings. Totally worth it.

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