In Between Season Event 1: 90 Minute Rogue Descent

This event is strictly for fun, and offers no prizes or points.

You can find out more about Descent at this page.

Rogue Exiles have made their way into Descent also, and a Rogue will be found in each area after the first.

Ooh, fun. Extra half hour, extra targets.
Exiles, eh? As if it weren't rough as-is! Bring it on!
GGG must have been spying on me, they know i have 1 more week of holidays.......

i need this time, dont give me awesome races! :P
Fun! :D
~ Lassittor ~

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What about achievements? Will this help me get some of my unfound exiles?
What about achievements? Will this help me get some of my unfound exiles?

You don't get the achievements for killing the exiles during "normal" rogue races, so I'm pretty sure you won't get them here. I think it's localized to the anarchy league, just like leveling to 60 in a race wouldn't get you the level to 60 in Onslaught achievement.
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This should be available to play at will.. I'd quit playing PoE to start playing... PoE.. :3
Devolving Wilds
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took it slow and killed practically everything in every zone but i was barely lvl21 when i entered deseshrine, and the first mob in demonic was an exile when i had like no life flask charges left. besides horrible mob density again in this race atleast i had insane gear, and best bow ive ever crafted

edit: had inv full of unid rares and blues whole race cuz no wisdoms lol
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I've seen other people post this happening before with different things, but now that it's happened to me, I know how much it truly sucks:

Welcome, my first ever dream frag, that goes straight to the void.

Somehow I manged to die to desynch in descrated @ position 20, but I don't know how I was that high up, as I literally had to use 2 blue copper swords from 5-15 becasue not a single whalebone/saber/boaring/rapier dropped for me. was quite ammusing and fun until the Dream frag dropped and destroyed my will to care lmao.

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