Skull Hood Microtransaction and the end of Race Season 3

The Lost Season for US Easters with 8-5 jobs finally comes to an end.

Season 2: 260 points
Season 3: 80

- Just not enough race times available.

- Like the hood, not sure about the skull; looks a bit disproportionate IMO.

- No matter; keep the new content coming folks!

- And thanks as always for the update Chris.
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Zarabeth - Level 89 Ranger
Wicked Wanda - Level 87 Witch
Xarabeth - Level 79 Scion
cant wait for season four I missed out on this season race looking forward to next season :)
Did few races...

First looked quite fun, but then... meh, too little motivation to do them. Anarchy player + not the best time for races + plus all the effort just for few uniques...
Completed 8 ChallengesCocoBaboon wrote:
TheBuudah wrote:
Omg I suggested transmuting helms!

Let us pay 15 Coins to use sinners tricorne on anything!

Please no transmuting. That was really the last straw for Wow. Everyone lost their identity by looking the same. I like to be able able to distinguish players by their gear, that is lost with transmuting.

Eh? everyone looked the same until transmuting came along, couple weeks into a content patch and everyone had the latest tier and all looked the same.

I liked transmuting, I was only shaman I knew of with full non tier hunter lookalike set in black and green with black shield and weapon.

Transmuting brought back some degree of aesthetic variety.

Abadonke wrote:
Zerapheus wrote:
PLEASE please please go back to race times / quantities like Season 2. This season gave the shaft to a lot of time zone players, and as a night-time PST player, it's been disappointing this season. Few to very little races ran this season at 8pm PST or 12am PST.

So please! use season 2 as an example - more races is a good thing!

couldn't have said it better.

I can't say that season 2 was any better, since I wasn't here then.

I haven't played too much during season 3 because I've had limited time, and usually there wasn't a race when I felt like playing. I've only attempted 26 races so far; I did get to the first prize tier, but I was participating to explore the different gameplay rather than going for points or prizes. Most of my non-race playtime has been in Onslaught.

I'm not sure how to make things better; everything that I've thought of that would allow players with limited schedules more flexibility would also do one (or possibly both) of the following:
1) Make the placement points less competitive relative to this season.
2) Make it possible for the better players to race on multiple accounts.

I would argue that the latter is worse than the former, but that depends on a number of factors, particularly including how competitive GGG intends the race seasons to be.

EDIT: The players that would be able to place highly might not want to have alternate accounts, which could influence things in the other direction.

I agree there was more to be done with the actual season itself. I loved the signature races and thought that competitive or otherwise events was a good idea. I just think the timing of races within the seasons needs to be tweaked so they can include as many people from different time-zones as possible, on an equal footing.

SpeedDeamon's suggestions are a good start on this, and I would suggest adding to/adapting these. Perhaps a maximum number of races a day (3?), and freedom to start whichever race, whenever the user wishes.

I like the fact of prizes being offered for getting up to certain amounts of points, and hear that currency was offered for these, instead of uniques in the closed beta.
This seems like a good idea to compensate high end players for their time in races that they could be running maps or high end content instead. The uniques that were offered as prizes were (apart from the top two tiers) generally ones which held no excitement for this type of player, and so they only feel that it would be worth their time if they thought themselves able to get these.
Maybe it would be a good idea to have a combination of currency and uniques for prizes. currency for reaching a certain amount of points, and uniques for placement within a single event, (or vice versa if you prefer that option).

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