Big Item Dump with b/o

IGN: ReginSmidur/Hyrrseidhr (or the one in my signature in case I forget to update this post)

Mainly for the indexers and Contact me in game (add me if I'm offline, or /w me if I'm online) or PM me on forums with your IGN, and the item and offer if you see anything you like.

~b/o 1 alch

~b/o 1 chaos

NEGOTIABLE individual buyouts

~b/o 8 chaos

~b/o 5 chaos

~b/o 2 chaos

~b/o 5 chaos

~b/o 3 chaos

~b/o 6 chaos

Kuduku giveth and Kuduku taketh away.

IGN: QueenAtziri
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interested in the volls devotion, added you ingame =]
WTB doedre's tenure, adding you ingame
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