What is the best item in any game ever?

That's right, from Adventure Island to Zelda and everything inbetween, of all video games of all time, what is the NUMBER ONE BEST ITEM from any game??

Feel free to post a runner-up, but only one. Don't get all excessive and be like this one is great that one is awesome etc.

It can be any item, equippable or not, from any game.

Obviously the #1 for me is


But after that I'd have to say


Which is also found in Metroid as the Grappling Beam


Also you could consider the Ninja rope in worms an extension of the same device, but I digress.

Also any weapon from Megaman (Especially X-X3) is automatically the best ever above anything else, but I digress again.


(Oh yeah and the Frying Pan and Chain Chomp weapons from MarioRPG gets honorable mention. Also the hurly gloves)

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Land Shark Gun from Armed and Dangerous.

It's a gun that fires land sharks to eat enemies. You can pretty much end the thread now.

EDIT: adding pic
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I had an opinion, but then I read Mark's post.
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You misspelled Dog Mode.

Very effective:
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Not just the best in any game, but in a whole bunch of games in a row.
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Mark_GGG wrote:
Land Shark Gun from Armed and Dangerous.

It's a gun that fires land sharks to eat enemies. You can pretty much end the thread now.

So when will we have Sharkbear/Bearshark Trap microtransaction?

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