Vaults of Atziri feedback

IIQ/IIR from your gear does not affect chests, so there's not point in "gearing up" for the Vaults of Atziri. You may as well wear nothing at all so you can carry more stuff out.
Code warrior
anubite wrote:
It also doesn't make any sense. If IIR/IIQ doesn't effect chests, then why have it on vaults of atziri?

Only the IIQ/IIR from your gear don't apply. Mods on the map itself and the bonus for having multiple players in the instance still affect chest drops.

I can't really speak for the balance of the Vaults of Atziri map. That was mostly Chris and Carl, I believe. That's why I didn't attempt to answer your complaints about being disappointed by the drops. I just wanted to point out that your IIQ/IIR gear wasn't doing anything here.
Code warrior

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