Unique Item List - 300 of 419

This is so far!!!
StereoSeven and PinkPanter was banned after 2 years of playing.I felt like somebody took my Teddy Bear!!
I continue but I never forget that....
ign: CrushTheEvil
Alva: I'm sweating like a hog in heat
Shadow: That was fun

Is this thread going to be updated?
For years i searched for deep truths. A thousand revelations. At the very edge...the ability to think itself dissolves away.Thinking in human language is the problem. Any separation from 'the whole truth' is incomplete.My incomplete concepts may add to your 'whole truth', accept it or think about it
So, the new items please ¿?.
@execreth - @eledhyr - @arthasspaw - @edherisctf - @douchebagontheway_hd
will this thread ever been updated?
ign: Amokherz
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no it's ded
IGN TylordRampage

just found this
PVP update!!!!!

PVP infos and help
So, the new items of new patch please ?.
@execreth - @eledhyr - @arthasspaw - @edherisctf - @douchebagontheway_hd

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