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ragbasti wrote:
it specifically states arrow pierce chance, not projectile pierce chance.
I'd say it only applies to arrows and arrow skills then, so no spells, etc.
It specifically states it increases projectile damage, not arrow damage.

Following your logic, clearly Iron Will doesn't apply to spells because it specifically says the melee bonus from strength, which is attack only :P

Arrow Pierce chance is a stat. Spells won't ever use that stat, but they have access to it, just like they have access to see the stat for melee phys damage bonus, and iron will can make them use that to increase something else.

Increasing stat A by stat B will affect something if it's affected by stat A. If stat B also had to be relevant to that skill, then we couldn't do things like Iron Grip and Iron will.

The quiver increases your projectile damage - all of it, including spells - by arrow pierce chance.
It's the same stat as Phase Acrobatics. I'm going to say the keystone description is incorrect since it's inconsistent with other stats that are similar
Incompetent wrote:
My guess is that it adds 110% of bow physical to one element, chosen randomly (like Elemental Hit, except it's based on your physical damage). Anything more than that would be too strong, especially on such a low-level bow.

Don't forget that you can add to your bow physical damage with off-weapon gear, and all your bow physical damage bonuses will still apply to the converted damage.
Entirely correct.
enveratise wrote:
I think the " as damage of a random element" phrase should be in the bow wording similar to ele hit, so it could be easily understood.
It didn't fit. We had a hell of a time expressing this in the available length.
Charan wrote:
Happy hunting.

re reddit vs here: the few times I've brushed up with reddit users, they rather amusingly hadn't read what I wrote before criticising it. I think the fact that it's tiny and concentrated highlights how 'often' GGG post there, whereas here we have over a dozen boards, and if you watch, you'll see devs post in most of them. Mark1, for example, has never touched reddit to my knowledge, and I'd consider his input just as important as anyone else's.
I got a reddit account and posted a bit when Pokemon X/Y came out in the Friend Safari Exchange subreddit, to get access to several friend sarafi pokemon I wanted to be able to breed for good IVs, plus dittos. These days I vaguely follow the Andriod Netrunner subreddit as well, but I've never posted there. I look at the PoE one occasionally, but haven't posted, and have no particular desire to do so.
Sheriff_K wrote:
Granted Mark is the only one that actually posts meaningful things on GGG Forums, everyone else is "do not blah blah make blah bla comments about other players and blah this thread" etc.

Only Mark, and sometimes to an extent, Qarl, post actual things..

In that regard, the Forums isn't much better by what you said. :P
Chris does the news posts in addition to other posts, and Daniel, Rory and Mark2 (Neon) also post here at least decent amount, and I've seen Nick posting a bit recently. It's a simple fact that there are more dev posts on these forums than on reddit (and that's only counting actual devs, not support). People don't seem to believe this - partially because people see things on reddit before they see them on the forums, even when they're posted here first. I've seen several times people post "this was posted on reddit" and turn a thread into a shouting match about why that info wasn't posted here of the forums, when it not only was, but was posted here before reddit.

Chris uses reddit in his free time, and that includes the PoE reddit. Do people really want Chris to have to treat communication and interaction with the PoE community as a job to the extent that if, in his own time, he happens to see something on reddit that he's able to usefully respond to, he should actively avoid doing so just because of where it was posted? I'd much rather Chris was able to treat communicating with fans as something he enjoys and does as much as possible.
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Damage effectiveness applies to all sources of added damage.
removed some posts that were derailing the topic along with others that were abusive / provocative.

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