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SirLoin wrote:
I don't think this was supposed to drop. I think this is supposed to be only obtainable from a vendor recipe. There have been other instances where that boss has dropped items that it wasn't supposed to. At the beginning of anarchy/onslaught this boss dropped uniques that were supposed to be exclusive to other leagues before they patched it.

Intended. There is no vendor recipe for this unique.

In case anyone wants to know, the two supporter uniques were Bino's Kitchen Knife and Veil of the Night.
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I think GGG is putting low level ones in for races, new leagues, and to tempt in newbies. I remember TotalBiscuit being really excited on the podcast when he talked about finding a Shiverstig, something most of us deem as junk, fit only for leveling.

This is the exact situation a lot of the low level uniques are there for! They have the power to make a really profound impression the first time you play through the game, so they play a very important role in getting players hooked. I had this moment with a Gull dagger that I found in the Cold Plains in Diablo 2, and it was an experience that I remember to this day.
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Nithryok wrote:
another thought, what if it's used on a duration type skill, such as cyclone where if first crits they all crit? so first cyclone builds charges, second cyclone it all crits?
That's not how cyclone (or any other skill) works. They roll crit once per skill, but if you crit chance changes between multiple hits (or targets) then some of the hits will be crits and some will not, based on the crit chance being applied to the roll.
benkeia wrote:
strike in this game reffers to "atacks" only, if you use spectral throw, you might get 6+ power charges by the end of the skill, and even if you youse spells and they crit, you wont lose your power charges.
In order to cut off confusion before it starts: No, that's not the case and has never been the case. All those passives saying "Spell Critical Strike Chance" do actually work on spells. So does the ring.
pneuma wrote:
I'm not 100% sure on how its implemented, but it may stack additively with shock.

Always been like that as far as I know. Shock just applies increased damage taken, and will stack additively with other increases to damage taken e.g. Taryn's Shiver or Abyssus.
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raics wrote:
There is an interesting exception to this. If you are affected by an aura cast by a pleyer that has 'increased aura effect' and you have inner force, those bonuses will add together instead of multiply even though their sources are different and they apply to different entities.
They don't apply to different entities. They're both applying to the buff on you provided by the aura. Coming from different sources doesn't matter, just what they apply to - similarly, "you take increased damage" on yourself stacks additively with "enemies take increased damage" applied to you by an opponent, because both apply to damage taken (which is, as you point out, distinct from "increased damage" which applies to damage dealt and is before, rather than after, mitigation).
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Dying Breath got claimed in this thread.

The other supporter unique was Snakebite (I think), I don't know if that person took credit for it anywhere.

Edit: Claimed by someone on reddit here, most likely this user.
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Jalamin wrote:
kolp wrote:
Level 9 empower isn't that OP
returntozero wrote:
New unique #3

So what is unholy might? O.o

Adds 30% of physical damage as Chaos Damage. We'll have to have this display somewhere!
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