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To clarify the "Damage to enemies on Low Life", the "Enemies take x% increased damage" stat is a separate system to the player doing increased damage - If a monster takes 100% more damage and the player deals 100% more damage, they'll multiply to have the monster take four times more damage, rather than being adding to 200% increased damage dealt to the monster. It effectively becomes a 'more' without being described that way on the item. The only thing it currently stacks with is Vulnerability and Shock stacks.

Long story short, the "increased damage" mod on that ring is possibly multiplicative with the rest of your damage. However, the wording is slightly confusing - it doesn't necessarily say "damage to enemies" just "increased damage" - maybe it's like Le Heup and just means increased damage in general (which would not be additive with other "increased" modifiers rather than multiplicative). Would be great to have a dev clarify!
This is because your item got pushed through before we had a sytem to actually do what it does - we were working on said system at the time, but apparently your item was required to go in before then, so we had to cheat.
Since there was no way to provide "increased damage" bonuses that were conditional on something about the enemy rather than yourself, we had to instead make your item treat enemies as if they had a property saying they took increased damage (like shock). This is why the item used to say "Enemies on low life take % increased damage...".
Since implementing the actual system for conditional damage modifiers, all other such modifiers were done properly (since they waited until we could actually do them to go in), and at some point your item was changed to use the correct system, and now acts as a simply % increased damage modifier against a certain set of enemies.
You item was the only one which got pushed in before the actual system was in place, so was the only one ever affected by the somewhat hacky implementation we had to use to do that, and since it no longer does, this is not a thing which will ever happen again.

And for the record, if by some chance it had, it would not say just "% increased damage" like this does. If we implement something that increases damage taken by the enemy, it will explicitly say so, as your item used to. "increased damage" bonuses are always additive with other "increased damage" bonuses. They are (sort of) multiplicative with "increased damage taken" modifiers on the enemy, because those apply to different values (your damage you're trying to deal, and the damage they actually take after mitigation respectively).
Mokihiki wrote:
Doesn't this hugely impact the shock status effect?
No, it has absolutely no effect on shock. Shock always was, and still is, a modifier to damage taken. That has not changed. What changed is that Blood Dance was briefly implemented as an increase to damage taken (like shock), and later fixed when we had the current system. This had no effect on anything other than that one mod.
FaceLicker wrote:
Maybe my brain is working properly.. Can someone please explain to me how the Blood of the Karui with 30% reduced recovery speed is 4.3 seconds? and with 23% reduced speed ends up at 3.9 seconds?

Sanctified Life Flask has a base duration of 3 seconds.

3 * 1.3 = 3.9

3 * 1.23 = 3.6

I think there's some fail math going on somewhere.
The fail is that you're taking an amount of reduced speed, and trying to apply it as though it was increased duration. That doesn't make sense.
If you applied this logic at the extreme, you'd be saying that 100% reduced speed meant 100% increased duration:

3 * 2 = 6.

When in fact halving speed doubles duration, but taking away all of the speed means you can't have a duration (it's undefined). Something with 100% reduced speed has no speed, and thus makes no progress over time. If your math was correct, then a person standing still would therefore reach any given destination in exactly double the time it took someone to walk there, despite moving at 0 speed.

Reducing speed by 30% is reducing the speed by 30%. This has the effect of increasing the duration it takes, but does not increase the duration by 30%.

The effect on duration of reducing speed by 30% is this:
3 * ( 1 / 0.7 ) =
3 / 0.7 = 4.3 (ish)
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Gravethought wrote:
Mark, can you clarify how the damage increase on The Taming stacks?
It counts active debuffs. Since only one ignite and one freeze can be active at a time, regardless of how many are present, you can get at most 2 from those, as well as 3 shocks (since shock can stack to a maximum of 3 on an enemy at any time, and all are active).
Any and all fire damage over time is Burning damage. Only the Ignite status effect is an Ignite.
The weapon only counts it's own sockets.
Here is a snippet of the conversation I had with Spinexion, which may help clarify my stance on the item's balance:

You're right that changing the spell to attack conversion is the best way to adjust the mod, as the change to having it not include multiplicative bonuses is, as I understand it, easy to do.

We really don't want to rush into a decision like this though; We'll wait until we have a handful of characters using the item effectively, and see how it performs. Though I don't disagree with a lot of the theorycrafting, the true potential of the item may not be as easy to unlock as it seems on paper. I'm going to discuss this with the end-game balance expert who I worked with on the balance of the item, and we'll keep monitoring feedback, but no decision will be rushed into!

The balance of this item is also very dependent on what changes are made to spell damage modifiers in future; 1.0.0 saw an increase to the handful of spell damage modifiers in the tree and a reduction to Righteous Fire, and there is no reason why other similar changes won't happen again. This item, more so than other uniques, will shift more dramatically with changes to skills and the tree; It's one of the most interesting things about the design, and also the most deceptively dangerous. Because of this, we really have to be careful before taking any feedback to heart or making any changes to the item; What may be "Legacy on arrival" one day could become sub-par the next!

At the end of the day only myself, and one other member of the balance team were involved with the adjustment of values on this item, and we have hundreds of players who will be actively trying to find a way to get the most out of it. It's quite possible that one will find a way to bypass what myself and the other balance team member considered to be the inherent limitations. For now, we just have to watch and wait. If you have knowledge of a character that uses the crown well, I can check their character out on our local servers and see exactly how well it performs.
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iamstryker wrote:
So apparently Rebuke of the Vaal has been buffed and the devs didn't put it in the patch notes.

Hmmm. Looks like it was changed in 1.0.0. Must've slipped through the cracks during the crazy rush...

Sorry about that.
Code warrior
Pyramidi wrote:
I just have bad feeling about this. Rhys will probably nerf it back where it was.

No, there's no reason to think that. The buff was intentional; we just forgot to mention it in the patch notes.
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iamstryker wrote:
isand wrote:
I wonder if wings of entropy work with dual wield and 1h passive.

Here's my thinking....

Wings of Entropy is a 2 handed axe BUT it also counts as duel wielding. So it would work with axe passives, two handed, and duel wielding. I would not think that it would work with one handed passives.
Correct. It is a two-handed weapon, so passives that deal with two-handed weapons will apply. It (counts as) dual wielding, so dual wielding passives will apply.
It's treated exactly like you have that axe in both hands (and thus main hand hits get the fire, and off hand hits the chaos damage). Like regular dual wielding, you'll get 10% more attack speed and a base 15% block chance, and will alternate hands with each hit (except with dual strike).

This weapon is currently the only way to (effectively) dual wield (a) two-handed weapon(s).

Also: FINALLY. This one took a lot of work to implement, but that was done ages ago and it's since been held up getting the art right. This one's been waiting a while.
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Navac wrote:
LMK wrote:
Kwonryu wrote:
Anyone know how to get White Sockets on the Prismatic yet?

I think this is referring to all items being worn, like tabula rasa

No, its confirmed by Devs on Reddit, it only takes the weapon sockets
For the record, it was confirmed by devs (i.e. me) here in this thread before it was on reddit :P
dlrr is right. Lucky gives you the highest proportional increase to crit chance with low crit chance, and the highest absolute increase to crit chance with 50% crit chance.

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