Unique Item List - 300 of 419

I've updated the thread link sticky to point here (with the old thread link preserved for posterity in a spoiler)
Special thanks to Facelicker for maintaining the thread for so long!

He looked after the unique information so well, we started using as a resource in the office when we wanted to check live information on unique items.

For a bit of historical information, Facelicker was the very first person to to find a unique item in Closed Beta.

FaceLicker wrote:
As to why am I no longer updating? I've got a lot going on and I've just not the energy to do it anymore. I've been updating the thread for nearly 2 years, I feel like taking a break.
And a well-earned break it will be. You've done a great service to the PoE community, and we thank you or it.
As Carl said, the unique thread is our go-to in the office for looking up things about uniques as well.

FaceLicker wrote:
Big thanks to ignarsoll for taking the thread off my hands!
Indeed. Here's to (hopefully) the start of another 600-odd pages of anticipation, speculation and discussion about the uniques.
"hit with lightning damage" on the chance to shock stat is shorthand for "hit with damage of a type that can shock" because people were constantly complaining that, e.g. linking chance to ignite to ice nova didn't work.

If your chaos damage can shock, then chance to shock applies - it's effectively included as "lightning damage" for purposes of determining if you shock, and if so how hard.

Given the recent use of "your [type] damage can [status]" seen here and on Soul Taker, we may reconsider these descriptions to remove that part.
I'm still waiting on someone posting a screenshot of something shocked with this
Voltaxic Rift is probably now my favourite bow, narrowly beating out Death's Harp.
Code warrior
What's the deal with brightbeak being yellow instead of icy blue now? The race reward art appears to have been changed :(

OK, we'll track this down, and resolve.

What's the deal with brightbeak being yellow instead of icy blue now? The race reward art appears to have been changed :(
I've pointed this out to Carl, it's being looked into. That looks like a previous non-final version of the alt art (I remember thinking it looked very similar to the regular art due to the colour) so it looks like something may not have been fully up to date, but I can only speculate myself.
LordDargath wrote:
haha that map was made buy someone who loves the chaos recipe as rare ammys are the least common rare drop.... so this map basically has a built in reward value of at least 22 chaos.
Keep in mind that you don't yet know how much this mod varies.
JohnNamikaze wrote:
I said "Acton's Nightmare has the same boss design from that of Overgrown Shrine Map." Acton's Nightmare is based from Overgrown Shrine map.
They have different bosses. Both happen to be under the general monster class of necromancer, but that's a coincidence rather than necessity. They are a distinct base type of monster (an undead necromancer, for one thing).

Unique maps have their own bosses. These may be similar to the boss of the non-unique maps of that base type, or may be completely different.

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