[0.11.2] HC Dual Strike-Multi Strike Claw guide

This is a hardcore build that utilizes the ridiculousness of CI. The ability to take the implicit life leech on claws and added with blood rage as well as nodes on the tree to gain a total of 24%-28% life leech.

High DPS
Very Strong Sustain
Great Solo Mapper

Falls off in Groups
Any Attack speed reduction destroys this build
Fairly gear dependent

Current Gear:

Current DPS is 8k
Current ES is 5100

Main Links for Dual Strike:
Dual Strike+Melee Damage on Full Life+Melee Splash+Multi Strike+Melee Physical Damage
If you can get a 6L then add Added Fire Damage

kill for point
help Oak
help Oak

Kill for point because nothing you want from the bandits really. Some people rather get the extra attack speed from Kraityn in Cruel but I prefer the 18% physical from Oak. Help Oak for an extra Endurance Charge allowing you to be more tanky.

Normal shouldn't be a problem since theres nothing too difficult. This build is going to be CI end game so early on you will need to spec into health because energy shield is quite weak early on. If you have played this game long enough and understand the mechanics of it you could use these leveling gears all the way up to merciless as I did

By merciless FellShrine I had around 1200 hp. This method is quite dangerous but the dps throughout the acts is ridiculous. If you do this route then be weary of cruel and merciless chaos damage because that will likely be the cause of your death

You should be in Cruel by level 40. I choose to level at docks to 40 because I feel it is superior to the Ledge because of mob density and champs. Make your way through to Act 2 and start farming in either Chamber of Sin 2 or Fellshrine. If you feel your character is strong enough power farm Chambers as it has better mob density and often has more champs then fellshrine, if your feeling weak then I suggest Fellshrine. Level up till you feel that your character is strong enough to farm City of Sarn after, I usually finished around 47. Next up is farming City of Sarn. Power farm that shit. I actually stopped around 50 and finished the rest of the act because I got lazy and would rather farm at somewhere like Merciless Ledge. If you don't think you could do that then level up to around 55 or get someone to help you with the act. I chose to opt out of Cruel Docks because my leveling gear was not sufficient enough to survive the damage output, if you have good gear at this level you can choose to level at Docks.

If you chose to go straight to Ledge after level 50 at Sarn then begin leveling till around 55, if you farmed Docks then go straight towards Act 2 Fellshrine. I personally leveled to 64 so I could wear my current chest and switch over to CI, you as well should farm Fellshrine till you can either switch to CI or farm enough to get passed Act 2. The switch over to CI should be around the 60s and at the earliest level 60. City of Sarn is a great place to farm before entering maps, probably farmed there till level 70. You can farm Docks if you like, but I prefer City as it is more of ez afk farm while Docks has a more likely chance of killing you. By level 70 you can start maps, good luck!

End Game Tree specced into CI


I chose to go to unwavering stance because I believe the necklace is so strong that I'd rather not use Eye of Chayula, but if you wish to use the 4 points else where then go ahead.

IGN: Professor_Brosby
if you guys like to talk chat about the build message me anytime

Feedback welcome
Classic Sh-Mosby!
Cool concept, good guide. I'd like to point out a couple things though.

When planning a build, most people don't go over about 105 points. The vast majority of characters will never reach the 117 point mark. And I doubt you're there either :p So people usually prefer to see "complete" builds at around 105 points. Because when they see a 117 point build, they're left wondering which points to use and which points to omit from their build.

I'm sure it's not intentional, but you have a couple life nodes.

I don't believe you listed your auras anywhere, but from what I see from your gear they look a little weird. None of them seem to be linked with Reduced Mana. Your Immortal Call isn't linked with Increased Duration. It helps a lot!

I'm curious how you deal with mana cost without a mana leech gem. You use the Mind Drinker passive, but is that enough that you never run out of mana?
IGN: EmpathicAmoeba

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