Lower ping to EU than NA?

You can run a winMTR reading to find out where the latency is coming from. Here are instructions from Thomas on how to do so!

Thomas wrote:
You can download WinMTR from here:

To use it just run the appropriate exe (32 bit or 64 bit), enter the hostname in the "Host" box, and click start.

Once the "Sent" column shows at least 50 click "Copy Text to clipboard", and paste the results into an email to support@grindinggear.com (you can then just close WinMTR).

- Edit
I would like you to get output for the game server you are currently connnected to. To get the server's IP, go to the folder you installed PoE in and open the "logs" subfolder, then open the "Client.txt" file. The file will probably be quite large, but scroll to the bottom and find the last occurance of this line:

2012/03/27 10:33:25 3917590 50 [INFO Client 3768] Connecting to instance server at

In this example the server is (do NOT test with that IP though, it's just an example). Use the IP you find there in WinMTR in the "Host" box.
- End edit

Thanks if you're able to do this, if you have any problems with it let me know.
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