GCP Ratio.

So here is current GCP conversion rate:

1 Exalted = 6 GCP, 1 Divine = 3 GCP
1 GCP = 2 Chisels/3 Chaos/3 Regal/3 Regret/6 Alchemy/7 Fusing/50 Chromatic/60 Alteration/3 Regret Orb/6 Alchemy Orb.

Was wondering Does augmentation/Wetstone/Armour Scrap have a ratio?
Ratios don't exist, for any currency, sorry.
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Ratios don't exist, for any currency, sorry.

I'm going to have to agree. Each item is worth different things to different ppl. When ppl start saying one items worth a certin price for everyone then it take away the fun of the trade system that has been given to us
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Completed 16 ChallengeszriL wrote:
Ratios don't exist, for any currency, sorry.

EDIT: Just to clarify, not saying you're wrong. Orbs will still have some variable importance to each person, but as time progresses standards in place become much more fine tuned.

Also, as people max out, some orbs /will/ have more value to end game recipes (...Fusings/GCP/Exalted in particular)

Tell that to the vendors in A1 and A2, or to the natural drop rates.

The fact that one can still make a relative approximation to comparative drop rates or to exchange rates isn't negated by personal subjectivity.

I'm not saying I agree that these rates listed by the OP are right, but from observation of natural drops, this an 'ok' standard or barometer for trading (or at least, ask a vendor).

Ratios will only improve in time as observation of drops become much more visible in their frequency.
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I couldn't sell divines for 10 alch (or best offer) in general chat the other day... so I just used them on stupid stuff. :P

Also, I couldn't trade any (remotely reasonable) number of gcp for a quality Warlord's Mark gem.

We both walked away unhappy. Just the way it goes. Some people are looking for a very specific thing, and will accept no substitute.

Also, most of the time, people aren't looking to make a fair trade. They want the better end of the deal... by a large margin. Even in beta. Linking any forum post isn't going to change that, since there will always be suckers out there... they'll just take their ball and go play with someone else.
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Augmentation would be 64x per fuse by vendor so you should not get a better deal than that, unless the person is just being sloppy. (or 4x per alteration, and 4x alteration per jewelers and 4x jewelers per fuse)

The ratio for armor scrap/whetstone would be slightly under 100scrap and 20whetstone for a regal I would assume.

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