auras and increased buff effect

Mark_GGG wrote:
All auras the player can get as skills apply buffs, which are therefore affected by inner force (some monster auras apply debuffs instead, such as the slow or chaos degen auras - inner force does not affect debuffs on you, so taking those passives does not make you weaker to these).

The skill popup does not, should not, and will never display based on inner force, because inner force does not change the stats of the aura. It increases the effect of the aura on you.
You character sheet will show the stats you actually have, which will include the increase.

If you have an aura that gives 20 additional fire damage, and 30% increased effect of buffs on you, then that aura still only gives out 20 fire damage. Any ally in the aura gets 20 fire damage. You get 20 fire damage, which is intercepted before it's added to your stats, and increased to 26. The skill popup can't claim that the aura is giving out 26, because it isn't - anything in the aura is only getting 20, but the effect of the aura on you is being increased. Just like if your friend has an aura adding 20 additional lightning damage, and doesn't have the nodes that aura is only gives 20 damage, but you gain 26 from it, because the effect of the buff on you is increased.

The stats you gain from a buff are added at the point a buff is created, so you'll need to refresh the aura after taking the nodes to get the extra effect. moving to a new area will refresh the aura, as will turning it off and on again.

You need enough base in the aura for the increase to be visible - This is why Purtiy won't visibly increase you max resists until levelled (assuming these values haven't changed since I last saw them). 30% increase to +3% max resists is 3.9, rounded to 3, whereas 30% increase to 4 is 5.2, rounded to 5.

"Increased effect of Non-Curse Auras you Cast" work with Hatred, Haste and something else auras, but don't work with Herald of Ice or Herald of Thunder. I saw in my character stats, of course, before and after. "Dps" didn't increase. Sorry for my english.
Auras apply a Buff to all allies in the Aura's radius.
Heralds are not Auras, they are Buffs.

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