Fire Witch build


I just made a fire witch build myself. CymLL8tRzLRNAo2xTbYN2Y3gzvhPI5DY0VHRtdHBkkbSbJMNVBCVmNXK 1fJWPVdxl3yX2pgbWaebRlwUnDVcU1xeXrmfVN_xoIQgpuESIauh2WH24hCi3qMNo9Gj_qTJ5mams-cLZ1jnYCdrp3EoqOksabrpwinK6-3tQS297cxuJO71sHFwfPDbdR814bYJNvn3QXd896w37Di9-OC5Y7mgecL52rquutj6-7sGOxV8WzyHfPq-tI=

I could go for more Critical but it's for onslaught aswell so I don't know yet.

Any advice etc. is very welcome even the bad ones ;)

Final question: What do you think of it?

Thanks in advance,
Last edited by jussie88 on Jul 15, 2013 7:37:49 AM

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