Monster Accuracy and Evasion changes in 0.11.2

The first thing that became apparent was that dexterity-based monsters had enough Accuracy to act as very hard counter to player Evasion. If you evade 50% of the time at level 50 but encounter a Ghost (which is a heavily dexterity-oriented monster), they'd be able to hit you around 70% of the time. Evasion based characters often prematurely ended their adventures in Wraeclast when they ran into groups of Flicker Striking ghosts.

In 0.11.2 we are making several changes to monster Accuracy and Evasion. We are completely removing Accuracy bonuses for dexterity-based monsters. Magic and Rare Monsters can still receive increases to accuracy from their mods but overall monster categories will no longer just wreck Evasion characters. As a contrast to this, dexterity-based monsters now demonstrate their dexterity by evading more than they did before.

Accuracy and Evasion values on monsters at higher levels have been heavily reduced. The exponential increases monsters gained made stacking Accuracy and Evasion a losing battle. Now if you choose to stack these values you will be rewarded with better chances to hit and evade.

This change has made a big difference to high level play. It has many beneficial consequences like increasing the value of good Rare Thicket Bows relative to Lioneye's Glare.

Here's another snippet from the new (still not final!) Ranger section of the tree.

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I really like this.

Chris wrote:
higher levels shave

Also, high level monsters shave?
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That node.
Good stuff! I hope for an increase to my 300+ dex Shadow's 82% avg chance to hit lol...and his 10k evasion 39% chance to evade maybe.
very nice.
I assume that those characters with points in the affected areas will be given a respec, right?
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That node seems considerably helpful. Enough that other classes might actually think about going into the ranger tree. Nice job :P

I love the changes to accuracy and evasion aswell... now I'll actually make an evasion based character. lol
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Changes look good. I might have to make an evasion based character (That doesn't use IR) ;)
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Good changes. Finally we might see evasion builds rolling!
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