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Hi guys i have been messing around with some build ideas for my first hardcore character. I found this post http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/44036 and though it looked pretty neat. Then I noticed it bumped up directly against the Marauder starting skill tree and through it would be cool to build it backwards. Anyways here is the build idea i had

Here is the breakdown of skills from this app.

Ignore all Movement Penalties from Armour
You take 30% less extra damage from Critical Strikes
Removes all mana. Spend Life instead of Mana for Skills
The increase to Physical Damage from Strength applies to Ranged Weapons
Cannot Evade enemy Attacks
Cannot be Stunned
Converts all Evasion Rating to Armour
130 to Dexterity
20 to Intelligence
200 to Strength
30 to maximum Life
15% increased Attack Speed
18% increased Movement Speed
45% increased Skill Effect Duration
197% increased maximum Life
5% of Life Regenerated per Second
15% to all Elemental Resistances

The plan would be to use poison arrow and elemental attack. Since this is basically my first character (I have an lvl 12 shadow) I don't really know much about the skill gems and bonuses.

Any downside to starting as a Marauder vs a Ranger? I would appreciate any feed back you guys have to offer.

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I play a Bow Marauder as the Ranger is too squishy with way too little life available.


My main complaint is that GGG has nerfed the bows so much it's hard to stay alive. At level 30 in the 1 week contest, my bow did 20-59 dmg while my Melee friend's weapon did 124-200+ dmg. He can one or two hit white trash monsters while it takes 5-6 hits with my wimpy bow to kill just one. The bow was rare with 20% quality yet that's the best I could get even after several chaos re-rolls.

Months of gripes by melee players that 'ranged' chars have it too easy has left them only fit for normal level in HC.
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Why does GGG hate Rangers so much. They used to be fun, now it's just constant kiting.
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Hi guys i have been messing around with some build ideas for my first hardcore character...

You might want to check out this build too:

Some major differences:

() A focus on Strength/Physical Damage/Armour rather than Dexterity/Elemental Damage/Evasion/Iron Reflexes. Higher base Physical damage => higher converted/bonus Elemental damage is my modus operandi for now but we'll have to see how it goes.

() +6% Maximum Resistances. With these you'll take 24% less elemental damage for just 3-4 Passive Skill Points depending on exact build. That's a 31% increase in effective HP vs Elemental Damage (7.9-10.5% EHP vs Elemental per point) plus 1-2 extra Strength nodes.

It will be interesting to see what the new patch brings us to work with.
99% of suggested changes would make the game easier. Thats why only 1% of suggested ideas are even worth considering.
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As a first HC Build here is my take on the bow marauder build.

It would be based on berzerk and lightning arrow, with wrath to supplement it probably, still have to sort out the gems and support gems with more accuracy.

Would you be as kind as to give me your feedback on this ? Also, although I spent all the points, I'm well aware it's nearly not achievable, many nodes are accessory and not necessary to the build itself, although they give a bit more of damages and suchs.

Forgot to link the build actually... :

I'm asking myself if it is more safe to go bow (lightning arrow and berzerk) or wand actually (with the shield giving a bit more of surviviability) :

I kindly ask your opinion on those ! :)
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Was wondering how this build turned out.
Any status updates?
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